Being, Not Having: Zero Waste Goals

The Fusion Meta Series

Over the years, I have been motivated to apply more mindful practices to my daily routine. Consequently, I have become conscious of my consumer habits, how much waste I produce and the impact my actions have on our world.

I realised that to make a difference I should be more aware of what I buy, eat, drink and wear, and assess the amount of waste I produce. To implement this change, I adopted the ‘Five Rs’ lifestyle by Bea Johnson. She proclaims by following this framework ‘…you will find peace and a lifestyle that is richer than the one you had before.’

Step back. Think. Then act.

The ‘Five Rs’ framework includes:

Refuse: When you stop accumulating stuff, your life becomes much simpler as you shift your focus from increasing to appreciating what you already have.

Reduce: Question whether you truly want an item or actually need it. This further encompasses reduced packaging. For instance, bringing your own bags and containers when going food shopping.

Reuse: Can you repurpose your things or buy second- hand? Reuse cloth tote bags for food shopping or go op-shopping for clothes.

Recycle: Opt for products that can be recycled or specifically designed to breakdown in landfill.

Rot: Instead of discarding food scraps, put them into compost and give the nutrients back to your plants.

By following these five R’s you can reduce your waste and create a more simplified life filled with gratitude.