Body Blueprint: Strength for Life

The Fusion Meta Series

Our body is one of the most adaptable designs on the planet. So if you don’t continuously challenge or strengthen your body, it will simply adapt to whatever situation it is in. For me, this eventuated as severe back pain due to poor posture and not enough exercise. The perils of desk-bound life!

I realised that to get physical relief would mean I had to take control of the situation. It goes beyond having enough energy to do everyday tasks and not aching when I get out of bed in the morning — I wanted to implement a blueprint that sets up my body, allowing me to achieve my goals later in life. Eating right and doing enough exercise now means that I can build bone density, lung capacity and heart strength. Critical aspects for old age.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Youtubers like Athlean-X, Alan Thrall, and Omarisuf have helped me to determine my workout regime. All three place high importance on the form of your lifting — without good form, you’ll end up in snap city. Start with simple muscle strengthening exercises, and walking or riding instead of catching the bus. Once you’ve started to feel results, you will want to know how much further you can extend the boundaries of your physical capability!

Don’t see workouts as purely a task for short-term gain — they are an investment in your body’s future.