Bub’s Eye view: The Beauty of Zooming Out

The Fusion Meta Series

As I’ve come to learn very quickly, my son Kai sees the world in a different way than I. Everything is fascinating to him; a big world to explore. Kai’s current favourite activity is looking at books and magazines, thumbing through the pages, enchanted by every image on the glossy paper.

Though he’s yet to discern the specifics of each page, the major themes excite him. There is a tree in this photo. He’s yet to worry about what kind of tree it is or how old it is. As I’ve watched him investigate and appreciate the world around him, I’ve realised that it’s easy to get caught up examining the specifics of life. We rarely stop and take stock of the bigger picture. We don’t zoom out enough.

Carry the spirit of a child as you get older.

I’ve made a point of taking a short period each evening to reflect and focus on the people and experiences in my life that make it worthwhile. I’m grateful for having a partner and son who love me, the family that I’ll be seeing later in the week and the interactions with colleagues at work that day. Big themes, I know, but it feels like they’re the ones we take for granted.

You know what the best thing about a child’s view of the world is? You’ll get the chance to see it all afresh tomorrow. Night night!