Changing the Game: When You’re Bored of the Board

The Fusion Meta Series

As an increasing proportion of children’s entertainment involves technology, it’s important to encourage activities away from the screen. A kind of analogue counterbalance for me, board games have always been something that brings people together. With the addition of modern strategies the possibilities for game play are endless.

Adding new rules to traditional board games is a great way of making the most of classic titles and involving younger players. Moreover, you can teach children how to lose well, work in teams and learn problem-solving abilities.

The only rule that should never be changed? Have fun!

One of my great successes is changing the rules of the popular card game Uno. Beyond the traditional rules we’ve started using the cards to play ‘Go Fish’. This encourages children to recognise colours and numbers. I’ve also included non-human players, such as toys, into the games to help my son with learning to lose well and minimising cheating… as much as possible! Another game we have changed up is Snakes and Ladders. Rather than playing with dice, we use a deck of playing cards and the number on the selected card to work out moves.

These tweaks have a point. The overall idea is to make the game — and life — more fun. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run free. For my son’s recent birthday party, we forewent the requested piñata and created our own target based game using a large sheet of cardboard, which was delightfully received!


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