Generation DIY: A Culture of Customisation and Creativity

The Fusion Meta Series

In an increasingly automated society, sometimes you just want to get your hands dirty and make something yourself. Entire communities and brands have emerged to facilitate a home “maker culture” that’s based around the intrigue of exploring new techniques, materials and tools (such as home 3D printers). There is great satisfaction in creating something entirely from scratch. It saves me money too.

While the skills I’ve used may be traditional for the most part, my instruction has come from a decidedly digital source. Most of my DIY ideas and techniques are pulled from watching YouTube videos. The wealth of knowledge people are willing to share online is virtually unlimited, and generally I feel like I can teach myself most skills with a little careful research and some online support.

3 is the perfect number of Youtube clips to watch for one project to get it just right.

This year I completed a raised wicking garden bed for a friend. I read quite a few blogs to help decide on the required depth and materials before designing the frame. I was even able to incorporate a floating depth indicator out of materials that were just lying around my home. It was an immensely satisfying process.

It’s best to start small. Have a look around the house for some things that need fixing, and instead of reaching for the phonebook, jump onto Youtube. You’d be surprised at how easy problems can be solved with tools you already have.


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