The Ultimate One-Man Band: The Way of The ‘Ultra Indie’ Producer

The Fusion Meta Series

My music tastes have been completely altered by digital streaming. SoundCloud in particular offers a whole new indie avenue where I can unearth tracks that aren’t released in the traditional commercial sense — especially great DJ mixes. It’s as near as you get to being handed a tape by the artist themself.

My recommended listens: Röyksopp, Hedflux, CVRL and Freedom Fighters

If I hear something I really love, it inspires my own compositions. I’m working on some chill and electronic dance music from my home setup, which is the realm of the true indie musician. There’s no need for expensive studio time and I can do it whenever inspiration strikes — even at 3am.

My tracks then find their way onto shareable streaming platforms like Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Beatport, where users can give me feedback and help me to become a better musician. Accounts for these services are free, so jump on and have a browse. You may find your new favourite artist before they hit the big time!


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