Walk the Talk: Productivity on the Pavement

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President Obama does it. Mark Zuckerberg does it. Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea does it. What is it these three influencers do? The “walk and talk”! Forget standing desks and fit balls, a talkative trek is where it’s at.

Walking is the perfect antidote to office life, which typically involves extreme amounts of sitting. Unplugging and taking meetings outside helps to change up the daily routine and increases participation. Walking also helps to get my step count up on my FitBit, enabling me to get ahead of my friends and colleagues on the leaderboard!

Walking boosts creative thinking.

Strolling side by side, rather than confronting face to face, opens up more honest exchanges. If the boss needs to reprimand you for that time you got a bit too “happy” at a networking event, it’s easier done in sneakers than across the boardroom table.

Research has proven that walking boosts creative thinking and has shown to increase creative output by up to 60%. The benefits last beyond the period of activity, extending to when you’re back in the chair. Every little bit helps with a problem-solving role!

As a bonus you can fit in all those little errands, adding to your productivity levels. Meetings don’t feel like a waste of time when you are out pounding the pavement.