2 Million FSN Open Source Campaign — Progress Report

FUSION Foundation
Oct 31 · 2 min read

Fusion kicked off its exciting ‘2 Million FSN campaign’ on Wednesday the 16th of October. The campaign is inclusive and open to anyone who wants to earn some FSN, we have already received 239 applications (at time of writing) from people with various skill-sets

Submission Stats!

The distribution of applications based on reported skills is as follows:

  1. Content creator (content writing, editing, online documentation) — 22 submissions received.
  2. Designer (UI, logo, poster, video, promotional materials) 27 submissions received.
  3. Developer (app, web, backend, etc. code development, testing, release) 86 submissions received.
  4. Researcher (research sharing technology content) 22 submissions received.
  5. Early Adopter (FN public chain and application depth of use and creativity, etc.) 5 submissions received.
  6. Translator (content translation) 22 submissions received.
  7. Operation and maintenance management (website, server, publishing, etc.) 9 submissions received.
  8. Community Ambassador (activity organization, service support, communication and communication) 45 submissions received.

Second tranche of rewards already distributed!

The foundation has already distributed the second tranche of registration rewards to 54 new participants who completed all the steps correctly. So far, 90 participants have received a total of 235,600 FSN (time-locked for 3 months) as a reward for this campaign. The remaining applicants that have started the process but not yet completed the application will be notified by email, Telegram or WeChat. Alternatively, please contact @TylerL11 on Telegram for assistance.

Remember that a successful submission can earn you 2000 FSN (time-locked for 3 months)! On top of that, an additional 400 FSN (time-locked for 3 months) bonus can be earned if your refer someone to the campaign. One user has already earned more than 12,000 FSN tokens (time-locked for 3 months) just from the referral program!

FUSION Foundation

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