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Apr 26 · 2 min read

The Fusion Foundation is setting our clever Developer Community members a fun challenge! An exciting prize is up for grabs to the winner!

Challenge 1

The first challenge is to build a Proof of Concept (POC) house rental application that utilizes Fusion’s open source code libraries. To satisfy the requirements of the POC, a user should be able to create a new asset that represents the digitization of a house and be able to express house rental with Fusion’s time-lock feature. Further, the house owner and renter must be able to to verify home ownership and rental period rights by signing transactions with a keystore file or private key.

Note: There is no need to use any real assets!

Challenge 2

Build a wallet that makes use of Fusion’s awesome features. The minimum requirement is to include the send asset and create asset functions. Users must be able to access the wallet via keystore file or private key. Any extra features will be a bonus!

Getting Started!

So you are planning to build on Fusion? Great! We have begun expanding out documentation but there is more work to do. We currently have a Node Package Manager (NPM) that can be used to support your application development. Contact a Fusion team member on Telegram (@YonaTak, @BitJoe) for further assistance, and join the Fusion Developer Community channel to brainstorm ideas.

Useful Links
API Documentation
NPM Package


Please email contentbounty@fusion.org and include your name, details and a link to your GitHub repository. Submissions have to be in before 12th May.


A ticket to Digital Asset Summit (DAS) valued at $949.00, and a dinner with the Fusion team in NYC!

There is one prize per challenge

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