Fusion Foundation to Give Subsidy for Staking Nodes that Failed to Support Hard Fork in Time.

FUSION Foundation
Oct 30 · 1 min read

Dear Fusionites,

As you know the Fusion network successfully underwent a hard fork on the 20th of October to execute the remediation solution voted by the community to resolve the wallet theft.

A relatively small window of notice was given to the staking community to inform them of the timing and details required to support the hard fork and some nodes failed to update in time.

Fusion recorded that before the hard fork there were 264 miners and 3982 tickets participating in consensus. Shortly after the hard fork (block height: 752275), we recorded that there were 181 miners and 3262 tickets participating in consensus.

Indeed, in the short term, 83 nodes failed to update in time resulting in some retreated tickets and the loss of mining rights for 30 days.

Because of the short notice give to support the hard fork, the Fusion Foundation will subsidise the nodes that lost tickets with 5000 FSN for 1 month so they can continue staking as they wait to recover their total FSN.

The subsidy will be issued on October 31.

At the same time, we are paying close attention to the current network situation, and we will introduce further strategies to increase the number of network nodes to enhance the robustness of the network.

FUSION Foundation

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