Fusion to Participate in New Round Of Huobi FastTrack Voting

FUSION Foundation
Jul 29 · 2 min read

FUSION (FSN) officially announced today that it will participate in a new round of Houbi FastTrack voting. The FSN token is currently trading on more than 10 exchanges including Binance DEX, OKEx, Bittrex, Upbit, Bibox, bitmax and more.

Whitelist Opportunity for New Huobi Accounts

The voting rules described in the FastTrack announcement mention that users are only eligible if they have held HT tokens since the 24th of July (4 days ago). To ensure that the opportunity to vote and acquire discounted FSN tokens is available to all community members, Fusion can whitelist 1000 new Huobi accounts that will also be eligible to vote regardless of the holding period. To be eligible for whitelisting, the account needs to have been registered after the 17/7/19. All new account details need to be submitted to Fusion by 10:00am Beijing time (GMT+8) on the 31st of July if you want to be whitelisted.

Submit your new Huobi account details in this form to get whitelisted!

Make sure you read the FastTrack rules carefully, please take note of the minimum voting requirement of 10 HT tokens. We are glad to provide you with this opportunity to receive FSN tokens at a 50% discount and hope we can get your voting support so FSN can be listed on Huobi.

FUSION Foundation

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