Fusion welcomes Justin Sun, Head of Business Development (Europe), and Hassan Khan, Director of Engineering, to the team!

FUSION Foundation

Dear Fusionites, we have exciting news to kick-off the new month. Two exceptional individuals, Justin Sun and Hassan Khan, have joined the Fusion team, serving as the Head of Business Development (Europe), and Director of Engineering respectively.

Justin Sun

Justin Sun (no, not the one from Tron!) is excited to begin his role as Fusion’s Head of Business Development (Europe). Justin brings a wealth of experience from his previous position in the Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) team at UBS in Switzerland where he provided wealth management services to Asian clients with bankable assets of over $USD 20 Million. Justin’s particular focus was on family wealth protection and long-term growth.

Prior to working at UBS, Justin practiced law at numerous reputable law firms including Haiwen & Partners (Shanghai), Schellenberg Wittmer (Zurich), Greenberg Traurig (Shanghai) and Global Law Office (Shaghai). Justin specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions law, law pertaining to foreign investment in China and law to support Chinese investment overseas.

Gaining deep insights into the world of banking via his position at UBS, Justin took interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in 2017. He saw the great potential in the power of blockchain technology to transform the foundations of banking and finance. Speaking about his new position with Fusion, Justin commented, ‘I see an opportunity for our generation to shape the future of Finance, I joined Fusion to be part of this revolution.’

As the Head of Business Development (Europe), Justin will leverage his extensive network in the Finance industry to explore opportunities for cooperation between Fusion and banks, financial service providers, custody providers, stable coin issuers and more.

Hassan Khan

Fusion is proud to introduce Hassan Khan who has joined the team as Director of Engineering. Hassan has been actively involved in the blockchain space since early 2016. He contributed to open source projects like Ethereum and launched a successful venture that provided mining pool software, hosting services, automated trading tools, and cryptocurrency data feeds to enterprise clients.

Hassan has served in leadership positions at several prominent start-ups, including most recently as the Director of Engineering at Atomic Capital. In this capacity, he oversaw the first ever security token offering issued by a publicly traded company and developed a leading technical standard for the issuance of SEC-compliant securities. Hassan studied Computer Science and Philosophy at Princeton University.

In his role as as Director of Engineering at Fusion, Hassan will take ownership over managing and extending Fusion’s asset gateways, leading the development of blockchain applications on Fusion infrastructure, supporting dev-ops and R&D.

FUSION Foundation

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