Next Steps with Fusion’s ERC20 FSN

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Nov 6 · 1 min read

Dear Fusionites,

Per the article released to the community on the 10th of October, our initial plan was to issue a new ERC20 FSN smart contract address in order to remove the ERC20 FSN tokens that remain in thief’s possession. The step-by-step mechanics to execute the solution are described in this document.

After discussion with exchange partners, we decided that rather than having them perform a 2-step integration to first adapt to a new ERC20 smart contract, and subsequently to the native token, we agreed it was best to focus on rolling straight to the native token.

How do we prevent the thief from transitioning his stolen ERC20 tokens to native FSN?

Fusion will continue to track all of the ERC20 FSN held in the thief’s address and associated addresses, and blacklist them from using EZswap. In doing so, Fusion prevents the thief from ever converting any ERC20 FSN tokens to native FSN.

Fusion is currently in the process of working to reopen the new and improved EZswap gateway with anticipation for a re-release during the week of November 11.

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