Paxos Standard Token (PAX) Set to be the First Token Made Available on the Fusion Asset Gateway.

FUSION Foundation
Jul 19 · 1 min read

Fusion’s Asset Gateway solution, previously tested on the Payable Staged Network, (PSN) will be integrated with MainNet on Monday, July 22nd. The Asset Gateway enables digital assets to be locked-in and locked-out of the Fusion platform, granting them access to all of Mainnet’s innovative features. Once locked-in, assets enter a fully interoperable ecosystem where they can interact efficiently and without restriction across the Fusion network.

Paxos Standard Token (PAX) will be the first of many tokens made compatible with Fuion’s MainNet. Stable coins are the easiest cryptocurrency to relate to in today’s fiat-driven world. With growing support from both public and private sectors, stablecoins have become a practical medium for peer-to-peer and commercial transactions. An-all-in-one stable coin platform is an important component of Fusion’s vision to build an interoperable ecosystem of economies. Uncover more about stablecoins and their potential on the Fusion network in a previously published article.

FUSION Foundation

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