Progress Update on the 6 Time-lock Bounties

FUSION Foundation
Nov 5 · 3 min read

On September 27, 2019, Fusion launched the 6 Fusion Time-Lock Bounty Campaigns that involved 6 activities that community members could complete in order to earn rewards. Excitingly, the communities participation in the bounties exceeded expectations and we are motivated to launch additional campaigns in the future.

The following is a detailed progress report on each of the bounties so far:

Bounty 1: Add new joiners to the official Fusion Telegram Channel

The FUSION Official Telegram Channel was flooded with more than 2,000 new members since the beginning of the campaign, adding vitality to the FUSION open-source community.

At present, we are reviewing and screening bots vs human submissions, and will reward the participants as soon as possible.

Bounty 2: Join the Fusion Twitter Bounty Campaign!

The Twitter campaign was under-represented with only a small portion of community members participating, approximately 20 so far. We will optimize this activity in the future and better aline incentives in the hope of achieving better results.

Bounty 3: Staking Ticket Bounty

The staking ticket bounty was a great success, receiving a large amount of attention and participation from community members. It was positive to see that many community members purchased FSN tokens from major exchanges to increase their quantity of staking tickets, showing confidence in the networks capacity to grow and increase in value.

A total of 273 staking addresses were eligible to participate in the staking ticket bounty. We were excited that 71 out of the 273 addresses (26%) increased the number of tickets in their staking wallets! The total number of tickets that increased over this period was actually 819 tickets.

Fusion sent out a total of 293 ticket rewards to stakers based on the rule that it would match an increase in tickets up to 10 tickets per address.

The rewards for this event were released on October 28th.

Bounty 4: Generate a Universal Short Account Number (USAN)

The USAN registration number has reached 10138473. This means that 85+ USAN addresses have been generated since the launch of the campaign. A further 616 USANs are available before we reach 10200000 which signals the end of the campaign.

In total 51864.9 aggregated FSN tokens have been added to the 85 new USANs discussed above. As mentioned in the time-lock bounty announcement that described the rules of the campaign, we will take a snapshot of the eligible wallet addresses within 3 days of the USAN number reaching 10200000 and distribute rewards accordingly.

Bounty 5: Main Net Token Swap Bounty

Because of unforeseen circumstances, Fusion had to temporarily close the asset gateway that enabled users to swap their ERC20 FSN to native FSN. This prevented the campaign from going ahead. However, because community members showed great enthusiasm for this activity, we will consider restarting this campaign once the ERC20 to native FSN gateway reopens.

Bounty 6: Quantum Swap Bounty

The FUSION Foundation announced the swap deal to offer 100FSN (now, 31/12/19) in exchange for 5 FSN (1/1/20, ∞). 1M FSN was allocated to activate this swap market. The entire 1 million FSN worth of the swap was taken in less than 5 minutes!

This event attracted a lot of attention from community members, and we look forward to launching more similar events in the near future!

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