Selling the Igloo

I’m putting my igloo on the market.

Ok, not really an Igloo. A house I have owned for the last 20+ years. Some of the winters left me feeling like the house was an igloo, as in 6+ feet of snow at the front door.

It’s not easy to close down a house. Preparing for the sale requires fixing things that faded into the background of kids, jobs and Sunday afternoons watching movies. Then there is the stuff. A garage full of things I have no idea where it came from. Did I allow other people to access my garage? The basement was in itself a disaster of water damaged floors, walls, and broken kids toys.

My own things from working at home filled boxes and garbage bags until I ran out. According to my new wife her husband is a pack rat. Did I hear her say something about hoarder? The thought of that did motivate me to toss away things surely had to be useful to someone somewhere.

So after how many truckloads of garbage only my bank account can recall, a dozen trips to the local dump, hours of sorting and painful decisions, and the help pf my neighbor with the amazing collection of the right tools for the job, the house is ready to go.

Will it sell quickly…. I hope so. Soon as it’s gone I’m moving in with my wife. She said I could as long as the toilet seat stays in the down position. Not a problem. I saw an auto closing one on Amazon.

All though the process memories of kids came calling. Some not so good, but many filled my heart with joy and eyes with tears. If I could tell them I would say thank you, none will be forgotten.

I didn’t get rid of the snow shovel, just in case.

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