Yes, working too much is a bad thing.
Saul of Hearts

Do you want to lead the lifestyle of a primitive hunter gatherer? I imagine you and some buddies could buy some land and get to it and survive even better than they did since you’d have at least some modern conveniences.

Otherwise, everything you use in your day to day life is made by someone else working. While you’re sucking on the teat of your proposed benefactors, which I guess is everyone, who’s going to do the labor?

In 100 years? Sure, maybe we’ll have robots making everything and fixing themselves. Now? Pure, risible fantasy. You’re making a mockery of the people who do actual real labor. And I don’t mean myself typing shit into a computer to make it do what I want, I mean people who have _hard_ jobs like coal miners, construction workers, factory workers, health care professionals, etc… I suppose they can just stop working and be “artists” and “thinkers”, right?

You’re just spouting off the same communist nonsense that has been proved broken many times already by history. Maybe if we live long enough to advance another 100 years in our technology we can give it a shot again, but until then it’s fucking claptrap.

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