Ha, you don’t know who Marco is.
Oscar Godson

Empathy for what? I empathize that life is sometimes difficult. The level of empathy is commensurate with the level of difficulty.

“I have worked in coal mines my whole life to support my family and have numerous health problems from it” — lot of empathy.

“I suffer from PTSD because I saw mutilated corpses while I was in the military, and now I’ve got a drug addiction and live on the streets” — lot of empathy.

“I decided to move to San Francisco because reasons and I’m mad that $12.25 plus free food plus good insurance plus paid time off is not good enough for me to have my own apartment and live a traditional San Francisco lifestyle replete with the occasional organic coconut infused mocha latte. Oh, and I’m sad that I can’t get my dream job of posting funny stuff on twitter for $100k after a few months of ‘paying my dues’ with said job.” — Very nearly zero empathy.

I get that she’s a kid, basically, but smart kids listen when people tell them stuff and most of you seem unwilling to do so.

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