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First, she never said she got a degree. Second, an English Lit degree has basically no value outside of teaching and few other very narrow areas. So it’s a non-issue.

Second, it’s kind of silly to move to SF (one of most expensive areas in the country) and complain about making $12+ when they explicitly told her she’d make $12/hr. It seems she just assumed (as many millenials do) that “paying their dues” just means a few months on the front lines then a promotion to the fun work that will fulfill their every dream and pay $100k.

Frankly it’s silly, and that there aren’t more negative responses amazes me.

I mean let me get this straight, Ekene. If I offered you $12/hr to answer phones in Downtown San Francisco, would you just hop on the plane and fly out, assuming that I’d promote you to VP of “Having Fun” in a few months?

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