It is immoral of a society where people sacrifice almost all of their available time not spent…
Dustin Briscoe

The system isn’t broken… yet. Plenty of work out there still. She doesn’t need to live in SF, she doesn’t need to have an apartment to herself.

We will indeed need some sort of “mincome” system as automation progresses, especially in the halfway point between “everything is plentiful” and now.

But as of now, everything you have has to be provided by someone else doing work. In general this is through trading your own labor, sometimes it’s through the social safety net.

If it’s through the safety net you get the bare minimum. Sorry. Maybe in 100 years the “bare minimum” will be nice apartments in SF, iPhone 23’s, and free personal robots but as of now it’s “food and shelter”.

Like I said, if you want more then hustle for it. Nobody’s going to give it to you unless you’re lucky. Work for your dinner, or eat government cheese.

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