If somebody doesn’t hire TJ quick, the Internet is worthless.
James Walling

Yes, nothing says “great employee” like making inappropriate jokes on your company’s twitter feed, and posting pictures on your social media sites of this awesome lifestyle you want people to think you have with nice food and expensive booze, then proceeding to post a _risible_ essay complaining about eating “rice” and how your cheapskate boss “only” pays you $12+ an hour with world class health benefits, free food at the office, etc…

Oh, and opening up your essay describing how you are an English lit (dropout?) major who thought she’d wander in and do a few months of hard work before getting to be paid $100k/yr for making jokes on twitter will _really_ pull int he employers.

This whole incident is just baffling to me. It’s like the blue/gold dress fiasco, I don’t understand how people can read what she wrote and not think she is an absolutely terrible, delusional person.

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