Cancer Complaints Interrupted by a Great Story
Mark Mooney

Broken back just to say painkillas goz me jigh today like years now. Drive bike lost with alc my livense. An lean got me feel clean. Again on somthing more if leagal or not. Hmm . Its. My help it iss. Oxy. They fit. My feeling. Got weekends like a roboter want it. Like that. An positiv is growing. Good vibrs feelings. In my life like that im wit a fake shit man girl. Want the more damaged to help most cause young an the new lil one. But know the real guns. These junks.ruined lot month my fault i felt in love to sweet one two faced bitch. Tried again an again till last action. Stolen my thoughts gave me wrong. Was gone. I m over the hurt. Month ago did see commin. Now its a job an good friends lil some but good think perfekt ones. I wake up take oxy dia smoke a lot if on my speeding job. Thats i get thought lot when high some time an the interesting things. History chemistry bio.. Physik. An how to move to be leagal individual. Just getting to know som things.

Spread wings an will kearn to fly. Like pac said we orograns so focus an make good wishes should know every one . Lots not understood. Only u soo hood. Soo down. Or with no money u think lot. Read more. An i take the nearest spot. Know how i am saying . Because i am a biker always on fast nerest way to find. Im what im make it like all fay take the nearest way . Or fastet. To get my jib than. An broke ones tell each other themselves no good ideas. More devlish shit. Like u stupid. An an so i looked wher i am an wher i like me get my Respekt or more. Big friend. Call him brother now. Akways two streets. Last year but me spend my gas on wrong way wanted her hard to stay. Wrong. I know i know now. Played lies an non nice. Till i like pls go ho fast so. I dont know wher u v been weeks long. Other one. Ok told me wit no feelings. Ok. So brought her back. An let go. Shouldnt be was fighten for her. If she wanted could be other now. But not. So to forget fast. Could save last month. Not even a friend an thought i m in love. Cruel one. But from this she came from changed every day one time. No no. She told not be like junk one abuse all. Even me my enerhy an more. But did make a good store i think. In behavior god saw. U gave me thoughts an Power to tell. Thx had parrallels.

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