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Justin Cox 🍩

Hä talking about what. Got lern eng again. But use tops on probes. New job stay alive find a good wife. Earn some fun turn a work to my fun cause way is gone. Be a like its told learned one. Hope to feel. An be on the steel real sinn thought. What is talked about. C like not say loud. Be not proud. What. Out. Outta my city devil. Shok need pray. Ok bad away me turn betta anyway . I cant speed this up no . Fuck thats whaz all want. Ok lern true what i saw was like shout out proud name game celebrate thx god. Lot Support. Alive did survive 2 ei hard times. First broke my back . Means Hospital lot opioids valim free. Just got me. Dont drink alc any mo since 1 year .8month changed a lot its going on in hope way ok for god me want fell freee paradi . Imagin g paradis ja an reserch its like that. Drugs up shaman way indiana feel ur surrounding tress nature gins ghost spirituelle. Not too much but neva too less. My birth is without fears an tears. I tell me the g god or law or feeling in nature in moment. Not spendin lies live. There songs about. A lot of. I belive inthe bibel gid koran ok some need to read. Intresed. Rested because the world let me die . Did lot to hurt me on my way . Quiet I say freedom bring it to next one. Just find i m first update. I get checked. Am ok cool didnt think. Be so freaky hit the top talke about god or prise.The Lord. LIVE LIVE AGAIN. WHAT HAPPEND MUM THROWN ME OUT. I GOT MY FLAT. BUT THATS WHATS NOW .NOT WELCOME. MY GIRL SAME BLAME HER MUM GOT SO PROBLEM SHE IS BEEN LIED MAYBE. I DONTBKNOW. HAD TOCWAIT OUTSIDE. DID MOST FOR MY GIRL AN SHE EVEN DEEPER HURTS. O GOD. CAN NO MORE. SO SRY. JA I AM SAD VERY ABOUT THAT LAST TIME NY PAST. NEED STRONG MEDICINE TO FEEL CLEAN FLY HIGH OKAY THAT WAY LOVE AROUND WHY NOT SAW A LOT AA MAN SEEN THE WORLD FO REAL WIT MUM. AN WHOS THE MAN. FIGHTS IF HE SHOULD HARD FO MUM… Just took some cause mum cracy now. Could be troubleone Dont will . My pain is like away hurts to imagin. Just stopped. Packed three gods an oray more a lot. Construction worker. Or in lager big hall with serveson lkw cd orpc. Me easy till sleepy oooo but wont die try my feelings to explain when any got a problem. True in the first way be real will pay . I am in positione of holiday on my way . Quiet dont want hear lot of volks . So diffrent belives . What did they tell them. Wow so lie dogs cry birds die get hurts. Me cracy words. Skyline all mine stand right spot an why its nit only i can hard work hard play. Bikedriver alltime. Jas maybe thats hard. Feelll good got like boss my tops. An thats it no more interestes. In probs no no not from others. Ei ei. Even me ok gin deserved gin belivin im high gods writing. Jap have to Support me my feellin … that way good so stay. Bang that head rel hard. We soldier best motor. Need fir soeed gas oil street to fly . An on bike ok mine real Mountainbike. No more dri liebe cens. License.alc. New live just arrives. But even i m multikultitask got to get out of a lot of them thoughts. Lets take the People my ex know. I dont know them. Heard lil bit. Know where they staying. Had my work zone there some times. Durt Part in ka follow any devil. No like them un beginning. In this time coukdnt connecte reflectin kearn my thing . No mo intrested. Alll no Motivation movements. Thx Mum. For fight. Even quiet would be nice. Ha. New live. No more slave o kommand me way hheyyy . Muma hurt hard. Hope cimes back in mind. I m neva eva that wrong. Just had test foznd out mum bad . Her way. Tells always diffrent way. I got probs. An i dud hit her once litte bit. Shoukde been more an more i dont care new live Training fo all woman in cooking behavior. Love carrying like fire flame. Like some alive. An it is also care about. Imagin why is shy suddnly proudly high. I scored in best in my sport an way. Didnt say any she. That nrgs they sent they act they live. Elektronik can mess them how strong an so on . That way long first. Eduxation . Taking medicine. On day or party. With no stop to gin gain. Glauben. Now go in garden. Live. I m not rich. Lot would say poor. Ok . Lil jss. But enough without work. An change is comming . I sesrch a Boss okay. Talkes to me . Knoes me everything Alldaything with a lie . Da say sso i would die. Can will like not to lie. Jap o more live a lie long time would die. Last time o coure..

New will be working thththinkiing in lot things nobody would. And would say because we get teached an trained like slaves. Me aua yes mum a stresss fooo. Nut cool was hippy trippy knowing speaking6 langurges lerned that . Forgot a lot. With new man. Even who is the family g.. dont know how to say sm i the man an hardest brain. Going ok . But u see my thoughts. Maybe to be a no no lie makes a mf lot. Thing wit god jas.ok checked my Massage. The coolest cause no ruels left i read law books . Like weapon. When they starzed to write down the first laws ok havard. Positiv no forbides. Non bad today like a search of any prob or other way real is. Katholik. But means the complete different. Would call me katholik if ther wete no vatikan an a dirty history on. No System no should try get away. Doesnt mean aginst it. But they kill u . With bad issuss. Photo theire if u a smoka. As a psychology dr. Explained me was a nice woman. Very ssved my life. Called u angel i am sure. Told me oki I ended in Hospital again 5% after3 week drinking. And sat in living room. Than a woman asked about me. I was ill. Not good fellin woulfnt talk. But she was there for me. Thought me feelt me . It was her day for the Hospiz she makes for free. Saw me maybe dieing. Like my feeling was. Just because of my alcoholism. Devlish. Im sure now. Rest ok an for most also alc . Me not. Know lot new good non same problem since last birthday. My tipp tripp fell it belive it train it. Eat lot. Get it god. Thx god. Make good for good…. Live the sport like to forget how they lied to me. Them kill if we do. Them are the richest on world 10000 have same the slaves got. But even lord plames them. No good hearted fir what. Zher is was an will neva be any negativ idea. Police hates me for what lil pot not. Then git bigga orob in heart and head. Them can xhange planet in a months. Jap. Change happens alö time. The stoppa got get popped up.. no no time to stop hide some at edge or real throw away comes back in my head was hit an got a rasio Programm what i cant get out on a system jumping heartbeat pumping heads updating from guter Futures. Grow in role. Just let me get in my spot. G musik. I am not. More want like god. For good. Reapet the top like that bread need to take it through an to exact point in our bodies pls all wondas. Real. Livin computerr better complex than pc. Ok fast multipliziert. Nothing not more . An thats i do my self. Need help. Xan build way u find g .in me an u others an an the change neva stops.. tops. Jai. Politisxh osy sogar richtig. Was ich mache manchmal nucht weiss. Hauptsach gut. Un zurück kam power mut au gut again 16 supamann thing cab fky high. Talk sky exokain feel explain about Rain son from mum keep esieer u eva saw. Cause i know the pain. Seems i win can bring pain away .. even u not to have to belive.. a week think everybody would be like that way. No war. End of this is. Do me live free bring freedom if i got but more they wanna take. Probs old alci on opiod supaman no mo problem only bring him my thinking. Risk is boxing. Highway. Big prob that do again Evolution in liar. Change. Will come. We Start now. First undastand u really got no Problems no run outta fun. A hard crash made me spirituelle. Belived always in god.bibel.the of the tops could be this Stimulation tops work on a sentence thoughts. Positiv i train not to say some bad to me. An as last one. Should already be done. BUT ALL JUST GONE. Police change sity äuation . Me try be nice ok have to say speak thats the key. Mr polis me like old these with first laws. Feel what i got. No pistol u u show Theater here for me the more. I am afraid. No touch me. Cant give. No Kontrolle me now here. I m alone u go to revier headquater.pls u be smarter. Agressiv one u work my aged one. Or what. Explain narzisst loses make some nog wrong maybe mr gone eit ur guns. Away no way to find. Imagine. Ride u thoughts or dont u feel other planet on ur way.Allright i like that word cause lerned to say not forget the good food. Anytime anyway . Ok Lord one word says that all that i feel now .also diee medication is also known last hundreds years. Was like sone to eat. Not to bring in same sentence wit devil. Told much wrong long lie we through most got to go. Planet Earth Société mix max germany. Hops the head gets washed from god to every son an gils to stay up on i know got question. Or prob than not me wont fall ciukd start lil war now rambo film living sime day. Ciuld be. Should write wrong. But live ok like sweet g gscheit baby.i got any right ja . I want …..

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