ok this out my window!

lets go , ok if someone just comes out of the exil with not giving intrestes in social media like me,, i post an play with my laptop. that means thats my play on fb on twitter an all can do here. I have no pc games i am not a gamer, i live my life beside the community with people think act same. an thats like my game. i dont know anything about this here . so i make lot of fools. but thats ok for me. i do this for me . first , an if sombody likes or better see what i wright think he has the same pride. cause in the struggel to get likes lot of people fall appart an tell you how to do . but most every person tell is only him. his struggel . maybe the one he was going throughn or the one he is going through. i was very sick. than a very strong beliving psychologin. saw me an wanted to talk in her free timelike mine . I was like i dont want to speak. but she started an after 2minutes i was so impressed. that nobody could mess with her . she did it for god ,for me ,for ftree. an it took its time to understand what she was telling me . i am still growing in this case. an thats a fact everybody i know or get to on i net seems to have same problem. some more some less. i am addicted to some things. have a brother i call him so . just got 2 . they out of fb an so. no real familia brothers . i am a lonly child . grown up wild. no dad around . today mum sounds likei wasen t the man at home . but as i were strong like her i did carry everything i made the house or flat. i had to be the secound member of the broken fam.- so since 6 or 7 i was stronger than mum. and did the harder work. next she was my boss everytime in hurry to hurry me up. to school . but she sleept an i made the coffee. for her. same when i began work. same today. but i say stop . u got ur new man which never get connected with me . he got money. thats all, so i dont focus on money . i have none . want to get a lil jobnow but slowly cause stress is my mess. an withn abroken back i get money from government a rent. but thats like u dont die but u cant live. cant go have a meal or to club with much paying just to go in. the system . i dont like i live like outlaw. for them. for me an my inner spirit i live by ruels the most have forgotten. they written 5000 years ago . an i got this mind to see em here in this time. dont need more laws . it s war on earth. dont know why . but belive cause of wrong told the truth. who reads the bibel today on sacrament to understand to bring this situation from 5000 years ago. right back in today . like a pray. i dont know anybody . an made a rehab in a katholic system . this got me farer away from church an vatikan cause i saw things in the inner circle. but the reading of the bibel got me nearer to god to my spirit. i am very spirituell. not like we should when preacher tells . but in the truth. so i cant belive lot of souls in the end i see them told same lies like me an they go this road. to property like the real outlaws the big force. the system they want u in hurry an die fast after work,

i am beginning to belive in long live.cause interestes in chemie biochemie molekular cant even spell everythin. physik. an if i read between the lines . an find a substanc in i net which a metall. that can do miracels. so i am very far in my old told belives . like i create my futer with my thoughts. do good an just got hurt from the devlish way my girl self spelled. but words dont mean nothing how u act shows who u are. are u just a teached one . maybe u totally wrong. cause its not enough for everyone to live that long. an so the crazy thoughts like thers some people hiding the truth. vatikan first i know. the rest i hmm seems so there are lot more. an they controll. the whole world. like got to work long effectiv an on .. but whats that when u really got lied since ur birth. neva seen the truth about earth an miracels . my live was saved twice from god my miracel cause i was alone an a drunken fool . an hadbig trees in the hand when nerly trunken in a river. but what did get a 90 kg person with backpack full of beer. an complete wet clothes backwards going down the river…everything broke . big trees big stones slippery . an then i get a lil grass which i neva thought could be stong enough to get me out . but this lil strain had roots cant explain. like a superman. it rescued my life did get out of the River on the other side. there was a new point i totally asked myself what the hell going on . is this made of stel this lil grass. ok. life saved an new was God . my friend just started a lil firm 2 weeks ago but the hurry catched him soon. today hes in hospital thinking about giving up life. so i write him lot of thoughts what we shared when we was together everyday on work. i always told him my friend slow down a lil. u can work i know . i am a construction worker. hard work outside every weather. just dec sometimes . we got the pleasure to stay home cause its to cold even for the material we working with. beton shouldnt make under 0 degress. it dont fix then..and thats why i think i can see if somebody wants to work or not . he wants he wants money . too fast maybe too much when he is broken today an in hospital because of stress. burn out. hmm same with his last job. me broke down too everytime i was working an fell back on alcoholic . that ruins everything in my life. now i got a good year dry. with other supplies. and i got the licens of a broken one dont know the name in eng. i am allowed to work 3 hours a day 15 the week . or i am complete ok they say but nothing that way could do 5 . but than they say work 9 an get no money for been a work veteran. so my plan is a lil job with more fun an loved people surrounded. cause u know wnt to live long . after that decision from government on my 3 day working again for just 1 e . first . they send me home because of insurence an lot of paper stuff. last time my tv was on nearly i saw a docu. which sayed if every person would do 3 hours the whole word got a big update. no children in hunger. an an …so i try my life like that . i know the big ones had to share what they got to get world star up. an bring freedom not war on tv. thats like u are forced to do what u see on tv . AN here in germany it just seems so we got lot of new people . some not acting ok. they stay the way they run away. hmm an bring the hate here cause they were told we are unbeliva so i did get present koran. an thers no way i can say they right. if u read the first part alway say dont kill be a good muslim an the troublemakers are the devlish. the people who bring there hate to others . they belive in that an maybe never read. like it was under hitlers school. they were told to be the better ones so kill the rest, totally going wrong. an thats whats going on in the minds of the trouble ones they think they right an solve probs with hate fight killing. no no i know , karma showed me . some of my enemy dead. accident. develish people. ok often we or me think the assholes get everything , but than i remember to be lil spirituell. an focus on me not on other person an tell em do right. even i do not right. thats my life. my thoughts . my knowledge after colledg. an i did my faults . an i did get hit hard broken back with op an now platin in my body. to fix it. ok thx lord thx docs . cause they made good work . i can bike i can work ican nearly do everything like before. just not so hard and long then the pain gains . i have pain everyday i got painkillas but the pain is not gone. its better than. an have to focus to get not addicted too much to them. what i want to say is comming in belive in u self make u rules make ur faults make ur decision. not because ur boss is not getting enough. thats his problem. me an u have to be happy . i did get it from beliving in god ,praying a lot . trying to live my thoughts an what i belive. if that gets me luck .ok. because money can t buy luck. it solves lot probs , but brings also new probs. so my text is work lessdont stress enjoy what u have an earn what u need or wnt . not because the whole world seems to be in a rush to get luck about money or richness. lot of the fugees came to germany are unhappy too. they thought germany is that rich that it can give them the luck which everybody is searching. they want to go back or make stress here. not ok. cause of my unhappiness i never will stress someone else. thats in my mind. ok i am not perfect but i try to be that what i say. an live that way. ok for tody but got a lot to say in this way…

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