An Officer’s Journey Through the Drug War
Michael Wood Jr.

War . Ok. Ahain. On drugs yas. The abuse of the meth crack pipes an needel Ruins a lot. When not the complete human. Me a rebell bob marley on oxxy. Broke my back real platin now on my body. An stopped the drinking. 1/8year now. Zhats the nig wow thx so. Changed soo. Saved me my life there 2times. I am soo high but not every day. But if got all. Only no the legal.

Ask me why system is growing them volks wrong way. Every thing a head thing. Nreded long to tell this myself. But yes got to reech a speed u alway can manage an get. So i am. An hopin prayin like cant wait. The new time comes. If. But olds gone. Was like too nice. Now i m afraid. Cause hit her lil. An want hit her again. For that month lies. Feeling wont do so. Sayed ho got to go i am dead lokk how i treat u know. No friend no. Sad so . Now im my way.

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