I Prefer A Straight Fight To All This Snoking Around!
Phil Roberts

I’ve definitely considered this option for Snoke’s ultimate identity, but I just can’t close the gap between Rax’s apparent lack of any Force power and Snoke’s seemingly overwhelming connection. And I don’t interrupt Snoke’s feelings toward Han Solo as hatred for him so much as hatred for the possibility of turning Kylo Ren back into Ben Solo that he represents. I think Rax is obviously the vehicle for the First Order’s initial creation, but their ultimate rise occurs when they finish Palpatine’s research into powerful dark side entities in deep, uncharted space and find what the Emperor did not: Snoke.

What that means for who he “actually” is, I don’t really know…if he’s a character we’ve met before under a different name, I hope he’s the Brother of Mortis (though I think that’s too esoteric to be true), but, if I’m being honest, I think he’s just Snoke, a new character from beyond known space that the First Order finds to be their new magical dictator because everything that’s old is new again…