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Having lots of LinkedIn connections can be convenient for many people. You and your connection agreed to be connected through the platform, thus sharing some public information including your email (in most cases, you can choose not to though). This is all nice and dandy until you actually want to use all the data you have from your connections… Depending on what data you want…


Let’s say you want to export all of your connections’ data from LinkedIn, you can do this by following their instructions found here. …

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When I was in school I used to write a lot of poetry and I remember trying to express a feeling or an emotion in the best possible way I could to project exactly what I wanted it to be. That feeling or emotion could be written in many different ways to express the same message, but as the creator of the content, one’s self looks for the correct words that connect with what your mind is trying to portray and exhibit in the poem. Coding is no different to this.

When you are writing code you are creating software…

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You may be trying to set up some kind of scrolling detection on ember, but all your attempts have been without success. Well I think I might have a solution to your problem.

I was trying to trigger an action in my controller when the user scrolls to the end of a particular div (infinite scrolling basically), but my attempts via the controller where not working out.

My approach to this problem was using basic jQuery to get the DOM’s element I was targeting and listen to the scroll event. This was the basic code:

Ember.$(“.table-container”).scroll(function() {
if(Ember.$(this).scrollTop() +…

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