The amazing Nemen L.E.D. jacket

A concept more than a brand, Nemen aims to carry on the traditional Italian tailoring and craftsmanship heritage. With the ultimate goal of producing high quality products whose components come from Italy, Nemen constantly experiments with innovative fabrics and garment dye techniques. Its latest experimental project? An amazing L.E.D. jacket!

The optical fibers incorporated into the fabric create a fully illuminated area thanks to a 12 LED system powered by two rechargeable lithium battery (with 8 hours of battery life). The outer fabric features nylon monofilament and steel which protects the optical fibers as a shield and stresses the depth effect created by the light passing through it. The inner lining has a special aluminum coating reflecting body heat to provide maximum protection against the cold and wind, while the inner membrane insulates the body, ensuring protection even with extreme weather conditions.

The Nemen L.E.D. stands for state of the art protection in urban and suburban environments, ensuring maximum protection and maximum visibility in difficult weather conditions and extreme comfort thanks to a meticulous ergonomic study during the development stage of the garment.

Due to the complexity of this garment and the countless hours required to assemble it, the Nemen L.E.D. jacket is currently only made to order at the price of 2400 euros ($ 3000).

Originally published at on December 3, 2014.

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