It should have been the Apple Touch

Less than 12 hours ago I wrote a post entitled, ‘The Apple Watch: A Pig with Lipstick.’ In that post I gave my honest review of Apple’s newest device which they have decided to call ‘Watch’. It wasn’t positive.

I love Apple, and I didn’t enjoy writing that, but my words were honest. However, after going out for margaritas I realized that the one thing that Apple really got wrong with their device was to focus on it being… a WATCH.

Most of my complaints from the previous post could be resolved if you forgot about it being a Watch and focused on it being a touch & haptic based device that could be worn on your wrist.

I have a $2000 watch, and frankly, it’s nicer than any of Apple’s faces or bands. It also shows me the time from any angle, and doesn’t need to be plugged in. Time is something that we will never get rid of, so why should I ditch the watch I have loved for years?

If Steve Jobs were really here, he wouldn’t have gone for a Watch. That is the easy play. Steve always gave people what they didn’t know they wanted, and we all know about that thing that goes around your wrist.

The device that Steve would have launched would probably have been called the Apple Touch. It would would have come in one size, and be twice the size. It would resemble a cuff, and it would do all the things it should have done — correctly — the first time.

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