By Daisy Nduta

I’ve only come across 4 professional female audio engineers since I got in the industry and they are really good at what they do. The industry is pretty broad too. Music producers, composers, directors, sound and audio engineers, post production engineers and sound recordists, just to mention a few.

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I have been the only female working with the tech team numerous times and on top that, the only black person. When i picked the interest in audio engineering, all the influences were male and it was really difficult to come across other females in the industry.

Let me tell you about a few women killing it in this industry and who are paving way for a lot of us. …

By Daisy Nduta

Everyday when I’m walking down the streets I know that I am fitting into a stereotype in someone’s mind, I just don’t know which one. I am a black African woman living in so called “Australia” and at this point I am pretty sure you have at least gone through 5 stereotypes about me.

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A white woman once asked me,“Why is that when black women talk about their colour it is a positive thing, but when white people do it is regarded as racist?” Now, the answer to this is simple, white people do not need to worry about loving their skin tone because media has made white the neutral colour. When a black character is a lead, the outrage is unbelievable and suddenly fictional characters can only be played by a particular group of people. A great example of this is when Idris Elba was rumoured to play James Bond and the internet could not handle it. It was a win for the black community and backlash from regressive white people who even went ahead to say that he wasn’t British enough. …

by Heidi Ylä-Ajos

If research from 2014 shows that babies as young as six months can recognise logos and brands, how can we shield our girls (and boys) growing up with a world wallpapered with adverts, from how these advertisements may affect their view of the world, their idea of how they “should” be and their self-esteem?

My task was to write a blog this week about women and representation in media, especially in advertising and I came across this TEDx talk by Jean Kilbourne. …

By Melisa Visca

In the top 100 films made in 2017 (worldwide)…

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Image Source: Future Creatives Initiative.

As it stands, Screen Australia have provided a statistic from the AFTRS who reported that of all film graduates in production, directing and screenwriting between the years 1973 and 2015, 52 per cent were male and 48 percent were female.

So (worldwide) why do we only have women represent only 8% of Directors?

This is one of many questions that we are raising (and have already been raised previously, numerous times I might add), in order to make a change in this industry.

Lets talk about Australia, specifically, for a moment. …

By Heidi Ylä-Ajos & Melisa Visca

You know the new Marvel movie with Captain Marvel?

Let me fill you in if you’ve missed this in the news…

So, Captain Marvel is a woman; A superhero played by Brie Larson. Exciting right?

Well the details that hit the news headlines when the trailer was released in late September 2018, was “Brie Larson isn’t smiling much”.

The comments and review of the trailer were not around the topic of how amazing the explosions are or even about how she punches an old lady in the clip (sure it’s spoken about a little here and there), but nothing nearly as close to how much people have commented on her ‘stern face’. …

Posted by Melisa Visca

This is Chris!

He’s great!

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Photo by Jordan Montgomery

Chris is the token guy in our team and probably the most rational one of us all.

Chris’s passion in filmmaking falls into post production however scriptwriting also lives close to his heart.

He is a phenomenal editor who has not only been the best editor I have worked with so far, but also a life saver, saving our projects when they seem like they have no hope left at all…..

This is one of the reasons why he is Taival Films’ Head of Editing and Post Production.

Chris and I began working together about a year ago, just as he graduated from SAE Melbourne. Because of me (and Heidi) he went on to literally never leaving the SAE campus after completing his degree as he was dragged (not by physical force of course) onto all our projects from then on. …

Post by Riley Cauchi

Originally from Finland, Heidi’s background is in marketing and advertising, but with her life adventures and crazy imagination, filmmaking just made sense. She can make you laugh with her words, make you feel with her stories, and make you want to buy things you didn’t know you needed!

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I met Heidi in our first trimester at SAE Qantm, in our screenwriting class. …

A ‘Bianca Introduction’ to Daisy, by Bianca Molini

Daisy is my audio sister, enough said. (But I will say more).

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I met her because I offered her a piece of toast, which tasted so good I just had to share. She liked it, and we’ve been friends ever since. I am thankful for that toast.
Since this culinary bonding experience, I have had the pleasure of seeing Daisy bloom from a student with amazing artistic ideas to a working, hard-working, fortified ARTIST.

Daisy is an extremely intelligent, personable and fun-loving person. We have shared studio days, working days, smoothie days, art gallery days and sitting-by-the-yarra-with coffee days. …

Our Head of Audio (Post-Production)

A ‘Daisy Introduction’ to Bianca, by Daisy Nduta

Imagine having a friend who is an Audio Engineer, fine artist and teacher who you met because of raisin toast! That’s Bianca guys, she offered the new girl at uni raisin toast and now I am her protégé.

Bianca Molini, also known as B, Babalini, Beeunka, is such a fun friend. …

Our “Content Creator”

By Brydi Frances

I have known Tory (Victoria) for close to tens years. I have only known Victoria (Tory) for about one. And only known that her REAL first name is DIANE for about six months. What the hell?!

We have a mutual friend, close on both sides, that luckily brought us together. Not only ten years ago, but about a year ago when she returned home from overseas. Over many glasses of undisclosed alcohol, Victoria and I discussed our dreams of making films, so thought — why not do it together?

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How Victoria and I spend our afternoons. Photo By Jordan Montgomery

Thus our journey of being partners in crime began. We would meet up weekly and discuss our ideas for films and TV shows that we wanted to create. I was about to start my degree in film at SAE when I told Victoria she had to come with me. Which I am so glad she said yes, because I would not want to go through the ups and downs of making films with anyone else. …


Future Creatives Initiative

Taival Films wants to offer a platform for women to share their thoughts and stories through film with the Future Creatives Initiative.

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