Faces in Space

‘First redhead in space’ trilled the UK media in a fit of national Peake fever. Possibly the least relevant piece of news coverage about Brit astronaut Tim Peake who recently blasted 250 miles up to the International Space Station, but as a Chinese Face reader, I started to ponder about the Fire Element in astronauts’ faces and how they use it to achieve great heights.

Three years ago there was the daredevil who fell to earth from space. Powered not by rockets but by Red Bull, Austrian Felix Baumgartner jumped from 24 miles high in supersonic freefall, breaking the sound barrier.

As well as exuding Fire Element energy ten-fold, these two spacemen share many facial features: redness on the chin, cheeks and forehead, with well-defined bone structure. And a warm, controlled glitter in the eyes of both men which shows their passion about what they do.

The Fire element in Chinese Face Reading is all about enthusiastic risk-taking, activity, sportiness, and extraverts who never stay in one place. Tim Peake’s face has a superman-deep chin showing force of will, control and initiative which supports his love of adventure and determination to reach the stars, after 6 years preparation. His red hair and freckles complete the picture.

To use a space reference, the chin in face reading is governed by the energy of the fiery planet Mars which governs action, and Baumgartner’s strong chin gives him the energy to channel his conquering spirit and reach his goals, jump into the void with courage, possibly compulsiveness, to conquer and boldly go.

Both have the small, close-set eyes and thin lips of the focussed workaholic. They have matching straight eyebrows of the independent and self-contained personality, and well-shaped noses which in face reading shows confidence and a solid self image. Their square foreheads reveal a logical and sequential approach to planning their endeavours, backed up by strong inherited constitutions (large, well-shaped ears) to see them through the bumpy bits.

Baumgartner also has a gap between his two front teeth which tells me his ambition to be first, to be a champion, comes before all other considerations. But his personal life can pay the price if the talent for adventure and hunger for change (been there, done that!) doesn’t lead to wisdom.

They both have long career lines of high achievement. In Peake’s case the lines show he’s thriving simply by putting himself and his dreams first, and following his Golden Path through life. Baumgartner has ‘influence lines’ so he can continue inspire and impact others with the daredevil story of how he reached jumped from a helium balloon in the stratosphere, and in this way also learn from his experience.

Two astronauts’ faces, two unique paths through life — and space.

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