Fire Songs Part III

This one is filled with upbeat edm songs with some cool sounds and then goes more into some chill-vibed songs. They’re all amazing (mostly because I made this). But really, give it a listen.

  1. Thijs Bos- Lucy

This is one my favorites this year. Lots of crazy changes throughout the whole song. One of the most unique songs I’ve heard in a long time.

2. DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge — You Know You Like It (Rusty Hook Remix)

This song has under grown so many remixes it’s hard to keep track. This one however, is definitely going to get huge at edm concerts. Super loud, high energy banger.

3. Lucian- Here

Wild instrumental. So many instruments and sound going on this one. The artist only has around 2k followers so definitely support!

4. Major Lazer- Be Together (LIOHN remix)

Ah Yung Major Lazer. This remix was recently endorsed by Diplo and it went shooting incredibly high in the charts. It’s definitely one of the better remixes I’ve heard for this song and makes it waaaay more epic.

5. Lucian VIP- Forever EP Preview

I know I already posted this guy before, but dang. So this is a preview of his new project and he only has 6,000 followers! Once this album goes live, this guy will blow up. Trust. Super excited for this one.

EDIT 1/10/17: Nearly 9 months later I proved to be right. Lucian now has 100,000 followers on soundcloud, millions upon millions of plays on his songs and massive support from the community. Check out his soundcloud for his newest album which was released shortly after I made this post on April 16th, 2016 :)


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