What happens when Donald Glover gives a shout out to Migos at the Golden Globes

An analysis on the power of memes and the internet.

In case you did not know, Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino won best Music/Comedy show for his TV series “ATLANTA” which is one of my all time favorite shows (if you like smart humor you have to watch it). The show has a heavy hip hop influence and featured songs from Future, Outkast, Kodak Black and Childish Gambino himself. Interestingly enough, Migos made a quick cameo on an episode that was aired in September 2016.

When Donald was making his speech thanking his fans and everyone who helped make the show a reality, he randomly gave a shout out to Migos, the rap collective behind the top song “Bad and Bougee”, and thanked them for making the song.

Since his speech, the internet has gone crazy making memes, reposting the video on famous instagram accounts and mentioning how funny his remarks were. Some say he was being sarcastic and others say he was being genuine. Either way, he subconsciously raised massive awareness of his TV show to the groups of people he hasn’t been able to target yet and shot up the popularity of the song.

  1. The second group of people are the younger generation who are obsessed with memes. Recently, there has a been surge on the internet about pictures featuring the lyric

“Rain drop drop top ________”.

These lyrics mimic the actual song lyrics and have made a huge hit on the internet which undeniably helped the song get so huge. Since most of these younger individuals are reacting to this meme, they most likely looked up the song and are aware of who actually made it. Therefore, when the meme of Donald Glover giving a shout out to Migos went viral, his show must have also had a big increase in google searches.

Since then, “Bad and Bougee” has received a total of 65 million plays on Spotify and an additional 10 million views on YouTube.

Cross-pollination at its finest. Check out the charts I pulled from Google Trends to show the index and popularity of different terms on Google!

Migos vs. Donald Glover

As you can see from the graph, there was a massive spike when the Golden Globes aired (January 8th, 2017 at 5pm PST) due to Donald Glover’s win. But you can see that the graph’s index increases to around 40, goes down to 15ish then shoots right up to 100 then goes back down. When the lines starts to decrease in the first descend, you can see that Migos started to gain some traction on google then slowly tapered off. After the red line shoots back down the second time, we can see that both the terms are being searched relatively in the same amount.

Migos vs. Bad and Boujee (Past 12 months)

This graph is super interesting to me. As you can see the term “Bad and Boujee” started gaining some traction late August and ended up hitting an index of 100, shooting way higher than the term “Migos” in late December/early January. This proves that, Migos and their song benefited from the memes that were created AND Donald Glover’s shout out was the icing on top.

Also this:

I’m pretty confident we’ll be seeing Migos headlining every festival now.

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