Project : BrainLearning — Blog 3 — Why it is important to understand how brain works ?

How the brain works and learns will the ultimate discovery for humans. I believe that It will change the direction of human species.

There are some big questions that we debate today….

What is future of economy when there will be no jobs ?
Is AI a bad thing or good thing for humans species ?
What is the future of earth if we are keep destroying it ?

These are very important questions and must be included in main stream public debates not just with in science, startups and engineering community. I think more investors, engineers and research should work on related fields and project line to find answers to these questions and to make new discoveries on the way.

These first set of questions are more for the collective human species. But there are some another set of questions which each individual humans are worried about on individual level. For example

What happened if I create or buy the best AI robot ( a perfect slave) and then we become lazy and become fully dependent on these robots (like we saw in movie Wall E ) ?

What if I get the best product with best features and decide to spend all the time using the products because it makes us happy ( for example Facebook or some VR game ) but then how I will control himself/herself to not to spend all the time?

How I will make peace with in my mind in the roller-coaster world where I have so many options and every day there is some new technology and product which I want to try because it feels so great ?

How I will behave in a consumerism chaos when every marketing ad ( messaging from companies) is created and customized to specific individual humans so they will want it or crave for the product/services?

How I restrict myself for being emotionally controlled or manipulated by technological companies and their ads ?

How my brain will compete ( intellectually)with intelligent, rich and super smart humans will literally operate the world and how I overcome information gap (they have more knowledge and information ) when I do not strong & healthy ( brain which can handle large information processed fast like a computer) ?

How I am going to survive when I do not have money ( resource) to buy product or service to make my average human brain faster and powerful ?

In future, life of a human individual will become difficult because there will be many things trying to control humans emotionally or you feels manipulating to get their attention constantly or forcing you do things which you do not want to do but you have no options . These sorts of things ultimately effect our brains and our decisions.

Every questions leads to our brain, our understanding of our own brain, our ability to control our brain.

If Humans last decision is depend on our brain ( some part of brain), it is important that it should remain in the individual control.In order to do that each human should understand our own brain.

Recently Elon musk founded Neurolink with the goal to make brain input/output mechanism fast by creating a interface between machines and human brain. It will eventually will try to solve human brain processing problem and make human to human or human to machine interaction fast ( literally like computers transfer data ). Some other approaches is to build a AI driven computation machine ( nano level) which can be embed to our brain or connect with it so we can handle it by our brain just like a real cyborg. Jeff Hawkins wants to build a emotional-less computer based on human brain architecture which eventually help humans to have a computer who exactly work like brain ( neocortex level ) .

All efforts some how leads us in the direction of being cyborg.

One think that is missing in projects related to neuroscience research and brain science is to increase efforts or projects which leads to individual human understanding to his/her own brain. How my brain learn new things and do things ? How I take a decision and not take a decision ? How I learn new things and not learn new things and how to control it.

There is one thing to connect or embed Human to Machine or Human to Human but what about Human and his/her own brain connections. I think It is a different thing. Connecting external machines to make it fast and understand our own brain ( with in body) are two separate things.

Humans is not equal to brain. (Or is it ) but why it doesn’t feel like that.

When I make any decisions or start learning something or doing an action or task I feel there is n+ things are working together. It is not just a brain. It is not just a brain. If there is AI machine I think there is HI ( Human Intelligence ) machine working inside us — It is our brain.

There is ‘me’ and there is ‘my brain’ and I do not understand my brain. I am not referring ‘me’ as soul or religious non sense. It is in the direction of consciousness which is a complex subject itself. It may be a another topic ( or may be not).

I believe if one individual is able to understand its brain and understand how their brain learns it will revolutionize humans species. It means if he/she understand how their brain works and learns and we may some authority on our own brain. Even if it is biological (organically) impossible to control our brain at least we know the answer why and how to negotiate with our own brain so that no external AI or computer or ad campaign can manipulate or control our brain without the consensus of individual humans consciousness i.e ‘me’. ( or something like that)

If every human individual understand their brain and know how it is working and how they can learn new things. Humans are on better position to handle the chaotic world or anything. The future is great or good or worst at least we know our own brain. Only individual can understand their brain. No external machine/human/software can convince individual human that they know better about their then them. If one AI connected to my brain and said few things about my brain, ultimately I have to match my own understanding of my own brain ( what I feel ) and what AI is telling me about my own brain and then the decision is on me.

We do not have control on future but if we have some control or full understanding of our own brain ( individual level), we as human species and individual human will be in better position irrespective of future ( good, bad or evil).

No external machine or anything will give us better understanding of our brain other than us. Yes AI, can help us in giving output or taking input but processing part will be remain puzzle.

Humans has limited (finite) time ( at least for now). I mean we have 24 hours in a day , 365 days in year, 80 years to live or may be in near future medical advancement buy some more time ( may be 150 years or something) and we have to choose where we have to spend our time and it means we better understand our brain so we can make decisions to utilize our time on things where we want to ( not third party force you to spend your time in their virtual reality game or facebook)

( If we able to crack death and have infinite time still our own understanding of our own brain will play a key role. Even our brain able to do parallel processing with the help of machines ( nano bots in our brain) but at single time we want to feel and experience a single emotion. It is what human do and we different from machines. )

To remain a human or to become a super human, in any case , we should understand our own brain.

It is so important to know how our own brain learn new things.

Here are some of my thinking, why brain is key of future.

It is questions of peace, happiness and controlling emotions

In general scenario ( If humans have finite time to live)

Humans are curious about new things and experiences. If humans wants to try new things, they have to learn in order to try new things. If humans are not able to learn things fast ( still it take time) and it takes too much time and it is hard, they will not try new things . If humans do not try new things , humans are more likely to be sad and unsatisfied with life in general.

For example , I am fascinated about music. I want to play music but for that I want to learn to play music. I have to learn how to play instruments and then I have to become good at it ( not best but good to create organic music) only then I will feel good ( or satisfied ) because I feel happy around music and if I able to play the music, it will be ultimate pleasure for me. I can create my own music. But because of some existing brain setting, It feel hard for me to learn laying instruments, It is getting hard to learn. Ultimately as time is ticking ( humans as limited time) I am going to give up music. It really makes me unhappy and impact me as a human.

But after few months, I discovered something else like a playing golf. Now I have to learn how to play golf. This will go on and on. In every condition humans have to learn able to new things but also faster and it is only possible if humans knows how the brain is learning new things if not what what is the reason and what human can do about it.

Humans have to learn how to learn “learning”.

If I am not able to learn play a good music or play golf ( here I mean good which meet your standard of good in that particular area) then It is bad for my overall emotion and happiness. We can summarize this as

Humans emotional life is depend on human ability to learn new things.

Other example, I love to create a very personal AI assistant which helps me to find new information. I do not want to use existing product because I do not trust them and I do not feel they are good according to my need. I want to customized I want to create from my own assistant. For that I have to learn computer programming. I have to learn concepts of deep learning. If I am not able to learn programming and I am not able to built the AI assistant. I will feel sad and frustrated. Even there are pre-built AI Assistants out there but my need is very specific and personal. It is not I don’t trust open source programmer code or project ( but I certainly do not trust bigger private companies when It comes to personal product) but I want to take limited help but I want to add functionalities which cater to me. Isn’t it repetition of work ( opposite of productivity and scientific — engineering approach ). Yes if I assume it doesn’t exist but If I use some products, observe them, read the source code, architecture and if I am not agree with it or it is not what I am looking for then it is the right approach. But remember I have to learn new things in order to do that. Also as time is factor that need of personal assistant has to be big and not just a fun project but a quest to make something better.

Off course limitation of time force humans to learn only finite things but decision to which things to learn depend on humans. In this case, the complexity for humans should not be learning but to decide what to learn.

It will be ultimate human discovery if humans able to learn anything because they know how to their brain learns and they can do something about it or if not then they will at least know the cause which is far better for humans.

Every human brain fundamentals are same but processing are different.

Brain learning is a process and if individual humans understand how to process the information in a way that they can learn things even it takes times to learn humans will have a finite plan which keep motivating them to spend time on learning.

Today, It is true that any human can learn anything but they have to give time. They have to keep doing it ( practicing/revision) until they learned it.

But due to lack of individual human knowledge or understanding of brain learning, we have no idea what is going on inside our brain when we put efforts on learning. So in some cases we are able to learn and some case we are not. If you say 5 things that you want to learn and you start learning it , you will feel majority of them are hard or impossible. It leads to frustration and which leads to giving things up. It effect our overall mental health. But if we know what is happening when we are learning, we can estimates the time and find techniques which can help me to learn those things. 
 My hypothetical assumption

Assume that our brain during childhood to adult develop a default mode/setting. It become our default setting or default operating system. Every time we run new program ( learning new things), it is checks whether it is compatible for exiting setting or operating system, compatibility test is always in percentage not in absolute. If compatibility score is higher, our brain generates steps to complete learning. More the steps more will be the learning time. But in all case It will take time and required efforts (energy) but it lead to fast and good learning. Now if compatibility is scoreless then steps will be more and learning takes more

For example If you are good in sports from the childhood when you become adult and start doing math, you brain will take more time to adjust with math. But during that time human will assume that we are sportsman and math in not our domain. But maybe we have to understand that our current operating system of brain needs some commands or write a function to runs in order to learn math. It just needs to write some function which may take time. But if we go back to sports we go back to old functions or set of command and run those. So learning will be creating library of functions or scripts which run on commands. 
 All above is assumption. I do not know my brain so I have to create these theories but what if I know exactly about learning process of my brain. I will be in much more good position about learning new things. I will not give up early if I am not able to learn something in less time because I know that I have to give more time.

It is questions of intelligence inequality or discrimination

Today you ask a teacher, students, parents or any human on the street. When it comes to learning, they all will agree on one factor. They will agree that of humans put time on learning, they can learn anything. But they will also say some humans are good at something and bad in something. Sometimes we also call it subjective brain or objective brain.

These are both contradictory thinking and our society whole understanding of learning based on it. Yes we one part got that interest and passion play a role in learning.

But interest and passion also fall in the trap of false brain type theory.

For example people say some have an artistic brain, some have computation brain, some have adventures brain, some have explorer brain, some have thinker brain. So depend on your brain you develop interest and passion. So If I have a artistic brain, in math class I will perform poor because I do not have a math brain. So society suggests give up math and purse art. But If I am not able to learn math then the problem is not my type of brain or interest, it is something else.

If I think I have a writer brain or mathematician brain and if they I try to learn flying plain, I may fail miserly in first phase of learning. I and my friends may say you are writer you are not built for outer adventure. But it is just an excuse for me and for others to save my time.

If human brain is same on fundamental level, it is not possible to assume that some human brain can only become good in math but cannot become in good in car racing or boxing. It is much better to say, some humans brains take less time to learn math but some brains takes more time to learn math and humans can change that but only if we know what is happening in learning process of math.
 It leads to discriminations and inquality and ultimate it leads to clash between humans

The notion that I am a scientist so I am better than a farmer because my brain is better than farmers brain this I conclude I am intelligent than a farmer and if farmer in bad situation because farmer is not intelligent. I am engineer and I am better than a cameraman because I can build stuff and solve problem so I conclude that I am better than accountant. This list will go and on. We never say “I am better” but it is assumed by because we used term “farmer have to learn new skills”. We say it is skill problem. If Farmer is young, we say become engineer and if farmer is old we say farmer should work in mall it means become a slave, a dependent to someone.
 Today Intelligence discrimination is on rise. We will not accept it but it is there. Investors are making decision on this guy is smart and other is not. We are making decision of our marriage; this guy/girl is smart other is not. We are making decision that his group of people is different than us because we are smart. We live in Sillicon Valley and people living in Texas they are different. It is rapidly spreading and no one will talk about it. 
 In defense the smart people (who think they are smart) say a farmer can learn a computer program but it will take time and I is not guarantee . So it is waste of time to think that farmer can learn programming. Farmer may not have a brain required for computer science. I think it is not scientific thinking at all. 
 It is because we think we are smart because we have better brain. But if we understand that we are not smart and it just we are giving time on one thing and if anyone give time to it become like you, it will make us a better human.
 Only a smart kid can become scientist is most outrageous discrimination and yet we happily accept it.
 We are going to a society where we just assume that few people are different than other because intelligence ( our brain) and the reason is because we do not understand the concept of learning.

It is questions of Human Survival

Imagine a future where things will go wrong . In that case only Rich ( could be machine) , Elite, Slaves and Humans will survive rest will be dead. In this scenario there will be Slave AI that will work for Rich and Elites and there is an Evil AI which will not works for anybody but selfish peace of machine. Now it is rest of humans. It means group of individual humans.

Here Elite or Rich are not essentially are evil or bad, they can be selective kind, generous, humane etc ( selective — they choose when they have to show kindness and when not) But some rich and elite will be definitely fall in the category of bad ( or evil ) from perspective of bottom of the chain ( human slaves or humans survivalist)

( Off-course it is not that worst scenario. Worst will be if machine will surpass rich and become top of the chain )

 Rich — Have resource (they control everything and have Slave AI) 
 Elites — They are creators of AI, inventors, best thinkers, best scientist etc and friends of Rich 
 Modern Salves ( human agent ) –They work for rich and rich control their time 
 Humans ( survivalist) — Human is the ultimate survive species that ever lived on the planet now with the help of knowledge of technology they can built anything from scratch and survive/fight anything

(Note — Using my term slaves here may seems seem offensives but look around in our current word it is a reality. We are living in world where we exchange our time & energy in exchange of money to survive. yeah in past it was physical work but now it is replaced by cognitive work. Mental abuse is still there.)

Why are human represented as separate entity in above categorization ?
In worst case scenario, those organic creatures ( sapiens) who will not have any access to anything legally ( advanced AI or advanced technology) , they have to invent/steal/hack everything to survive, they will be Humans. A ultimate surviving species. And those who fall in category of Rich and Elite, they will be close to super humans ( at least the first stage of super human). Slave also will be mostly Humans but they have chance to be super human ( once in a millions, who is lucky or extraordinary and catch the eyes of elite/rich )

Now practically all humans can not become rich and elite because the artificial system that humans created and operating with in, these system It created by elites and utilized/supported by rich people ( rich and elite can be same or different. ) . So it is always be a closed system and there will be a gatekeeper which allow only few to be a rich and elite. 
Becoming a slave is only option but only most smart humans who act like elite or rich will become slave of rich. And being a slave is like being a robot not human (not physically you have to live in harsh condition but time will be controlled by others ) . If you feel like human, you will not accept it. (Also you should have option) 
Now reaming will be called as Humans. If one human wants to survive that every individual human have to become engineer, artist, mathematician, writer, scientist etc. One human individual who can be all will be the only survivalist. It will be possible with our human brain. If a average human understand its brain and how it learns, that human can become whatever he want to become. That human will be ultimate engineer. Human have to become engineer to survive. In fact a human brain is always an engineer ( it always has computational + memory + motives ). It is all about learning how to utlize all these to solve a problem,. Every human brain is engineer all we need to recognize and learn new things. 
 It is only possible if we understand our brain and how it learns. All comes to one single question. Do humans understand its own brain?
 Now it is hypothetical scenario but it is one of possibilities. We can not denied it 100% if we see the progress of the world today.

Now you can come up with different scenario one thing will be common. In order to survive you have to learn fast. You brain will be the key of survive or live. It is inevitable.

In the world of Robots ( AI driven) you can not fight them physically and even human become cyborg ( like an iron man or something or real cyborg) even then chances of winning a physical battle with robot will go against you. As Robot will be always powerful physically ( that is whole point of making fighting robot) and built by strong materials.

All left cognitive fight which can also create tools ( machines) to fight with Robots ( under control of rich/elite or evil AI not in control of any human)

You brain will save you from all this. It will be key for human survivor ( bottom of chain) but for that human have to understand their own brain.