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Stephen Cirino
Oct 17 · 3 min read
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Try Googling Method Music and you’ll find scant details of the British company online. A website has a holding page that’s been promising to ‘return soon’ for two years, and there aren’t any lengthy interviews with founders Sam Evitt and Jack Street to be seen.

In a ubiquitous online world, one might be forgiven for assuming the company is as dormant as its digital presence suggests. If it weren’t for its artists, who, on the other hand, are everywhere.

Thanks to a seven-year run of success — spanning millions of album and ticket sales, multiple hit singles, BRITs, Grammys, an Oscar and a Golden Globe — Sam Smith, Disclosure and Jimmy Napes have secured their place in the history books of British pop. Meanwhile, newcomers Dave — managed by Neighbourhood — and Slowthai are at the forefront of a growing UK rap scene.

Such a level of accolades would understandably tempt some company founders to place themselves clearly by the side of those in the limelight. So why have the people behind Method kept so quiet? When we finally get them to agree to a sit-down chat, Street gives a simple, but telling, answer.

“As far as we are concerned, our job is to publicise our acts and not to talk about ourselves. But, over time as things have grown and we’ve [launched] different areas of the business, people fill the gaps for you and all of a sudden you start hearing a million and one different stories about how things work here, or where artists are really signed, because we don’t say anything. So we thought maybe it’s time to at least have some conversation, no matter how awkward we find it!”

Well, we’re glad they did, because it’s a pretty interesting story which we’ll let Evitt and Street tell in their own words. (The lack of a Method website, by the way, is because they “never had one that looked good,” says Evitt.)

Firstly, some clarification. Method Music encompasses a management, record and publishing company, and the label has inked an exclusive distribution deal with Universal. Smith, Disclosure and Napes are all management clients, while Slowthai is a Method Records signing (he’s managed by cousin/creative director Lewis Boyce).

The latter’s Mercury-nominated debut album, Nothing Great About Britain, was the first album on Method Music and hit №9 on the UK charts at the end of May.

Dave, who hit №1 with his debut LP, Psychodrama, in March, is developed, managed and released by Jack Foster and Benny Scarrs at Neighbourhood — a company in which Street and Evitt are partners.

Another company that’s linked with Method is merchandise firm Blanks Factory, co-founded by rapper Dion Hamilton and Jonny Grant. Dion manages Fredo, who hit №1 last year with Dave collaboration Funky Friday, as well as Tiffany Calver and Jonny Grant. Songwriter/bassist Brendan Grieve is also a management client, while the Method publishing company reps Bruno Major, Tourist and Finlay Robson.