This Is My Purpose

It’s 2:49am on a Monday night and I am scouring the 13th page of ‘related artists’ of a new ambient rapper’s profile I just found. I pause… then ask myself, “Do I enjoy the act of finding/sharing music more than actually listening to it?” I sigh, then convince myself the relationship between finding and listening is mutualistic. I stream the EP on spotify, post the single to my secret blog, and go to bed. I have been sharing new music on a closed fb group to my composer friends for years and finally considered that there are many people on the planet that would appreciate these new finds just as much as they do. I used to depend on small blogs for my needs, but now it is my time to contribute.

Instead of hiding under the coward veil of subjectivity by saying “this is just my opinion”, I will be bold enough to write “this is how it is” and avoid using terminology such as “I believe, I think, in my opinion” etc. When people communicate like that it tends to water down the sureness and impact of their argument and makes it seem like they are avoiding confrontation at all costs by hiding under a disclaimer. That will never happen here. Part of my purpose is to open a dialogue and invite anyone to refute or agree with what is written.

I tend to post new music, but I will also post passé music that still has qualities that push the creative envelope. I refuse to rank music on a linear scale out of 10. I refuse to follow a stringent review template for for each post (ie: pros & cons). I refuse to review/post music that I do not endorse even if it is catching a lot of buzz. I adhere to the philosophy to consume and review music the way artists intended it to be heard: free-flowingly. Dear reader, I present to you “Future Music”.

- Noel

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