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Meet Issa Kalfon and his training regime
3 min readMay 8, 2024

I think every single one of us knows who is Iron Man. Generally, a normal person, that uses technology to do things none of us even dreamt of. While Iron Man Suit is still only available in tv — the Jet Suit or Jet Pack is currently not only available — but also started a racing series.

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” — Juma Ikangaa

While the Gravity Industries shocks us with their technology and Jet powered jetpacks — they have recently shocked us with performing a first in the world jetsuit race that occurred February 28th in Dubai.

If you want to see the full race — there’s a vlog on our FuturePlay YouTube channel.

Eight Pilots have fought for the title of first in the world Jet Suit Racing Champion and after an extremely exciting fight — the title landed with Issa Kalfon.

But how did Issa become one of the 8 pilots chosen for this race and what did he have to do to become the best of them?

The Leap into Jet Suit Racing

Issa’s story with Gravity Industries starts in the gym (out of all places), where he got contacted by the owner of Gravity — Richard Browling. Richard was reaching out to gymnasts and athletes that had a well-developed core strength and control over their bodies, therefore gymnasts seemed like the best choice. Issa was one of the people, who answered the call and never regretted it. But it wasn’t merely his past that prepared him for this new challenge; it was his unwavering belief in a vision, a dream that jet suit racing could one day mesmerize the world as much as it did him.

I think this is a good lesson for us all — if we get some interesting emails about technology we have never seen before — we should reply.

Training for the Uncharted

Training for a sport as innovative and risky as jet suit racing requires more than just physical endurance; it demands courage, innovation, and meticulous planning. Issa’s regimen leading up to the historic race was as much about pushing physical limits as it was about strategizing for safety and performance. Hours were spent in the sauna, cutting weight and enhancing fitness, while flight training sessions focused on minimizing risks — Issa focused on speed and precision of movement.

In the interview with FuturePlay host — Lexie Janson — Issa explains how serious his training has been during the race warm-up. Issa’s training program required him to attend the training in suit, but also to go to the gym after work for 1–2 hour sessions before bed. This has continued for a couple of weeks, but has visibly paid off.

Want to know more?

Check out our full interview with Issa Kalfon on our YouTube channel



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