Tips to secure Soccer Scholarships in USA

Long gone are days when an athlete has to select either sports or education. Thanks to the evolving nature of the sports brigade and the popularization among the masses, that has made them a worthy investment both in skills and money. Soccer is one such sport which has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years, with more and more students globally taking up the sport at national and international level.

If you are a good soccer (football) player for your school or you play amateur soccer/football for a local team or are in fact perhaps on the books of your local club, attending college in the United States is a way to get a degree on the back of your soccer skills with almost all colleges offering some type of soccer scholarship for both boys and girls.. Your dreams can be just a step away.

It’s every high school athlete’s dream that one day all those practice sessions and exhausting games would pay off and will translate into a chance to play at collegiate level. However it can be an achievable goal if the planning is done right. Here are few tips which determine that you are on the right path:

Tip 1: Take the right classes

It’s important to check the NCAA guidelines which keep on changing with passing years and prepare accordingly. The best way to make sure you meet all requirements is to schedule an appointment with a high school guidance counselor to ensure your course schedule is in-line with the approved high school core course list.

Tip 2: Register with NCAA

The aspiring students need to register with NCAA Eligibility center to validate their status as an amateur athlete. The process is relatively pain-free; all you need is $50 and a Social Security number. But don’t leave it to the last minute. Every year a few student athletes miss out on the chance to play, because they fail to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Tip 3: Research the schools and make the list

Thanks to the internet, the process has eased out considerably. The applicants can easily access the information, both official and unofficial.

For starters, check out the school’s website to find out the best coach or school official to contact. For smaller schools, individual e-mail addresses for coaches can be found quite easily, as they often view the website as a promotional tool for their institution. Bigger schools may require a little detective work to find contact information for specific coaches, but it is not impossible.

Tip 4: Enhance your game and gather exposure at a University Camp

Sports camps generally serve two different functions: to help an athlete get better and to help an athlete get noticed. Some sports camps, especially those at universities you’ve targeted, can often do both at the same time.

Attend a camp and be flexible; you never know where that first impression might lead.

Tip 5: Making the final choice

Well if you are lucky enough and your game is outstanding, there will be chance that you will get few options up to your sleeves.

Now the main question arises. Which school is the best choice and how would you narrow down to it?

Most of the athletes make the selection on the financial package being offered by the school. Are they offering a full-ride? A partial scholarship? If one school offers a significantly greater financial award, it shouldn’t be considered lightly.

For others, it will be a question of possible playing time on the next level. Do you have a good chance of getting in the starting lineup by your sophomore and junior year? If you’re a third baseman, and they’ve already got two underclass third basemen in front of you, there might be better places for you to pursue your higher education while playing the hot corner.

Although it is best deal to make the final decision on the university itself. Not just the athletic department, but the overall collegiate experience a school has to offer.

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