Authentic Leadership — What we learned from Sarah Warby

On the 4th October, Sarah Warby (Chief Growth Officer HyperJar) talked to FUTURES members about ‘authentic leadership’ at the wonderful Jo Malone Townhouse. Here are six of our key learnings:lea

1. There isn’t a toolkit for being authentic. It’s about being yourself: know and love who you are everyday.

2. Identify your super strength. Ask your network for their thoughts, and have an honest conversation with yourself. Don’t have FOMO when identifying what this is; you don’t lose the attributes which aren’t your super strengths

3. Reframe feedback from being a formal session once a year to an ongoing process, and become as good as possible at receiving it; identify the triggers you might have that make this difficult. Ask for it as much feedback as possible, avoiding business-jargon.

4. Be happy — happy brains are 31% more productive. Happiness breeds success, not the other way around. Don’t push the moment of happiness towards the horizon; the time to be happy is now.

5. Start being happy via three means: 1) stop reading the news, 2) record positive things you are grateful for, 3) give one unsolicited piece of praise to someone every day. And remember, only 10% of our happiness is down to external factors, 90% is down to us.

6. Learn these three behaviours of leadership: 1) set a direction 2) communicate it clearly, compellingly; consistently developing enthusiasm to say the same thing each time, 3) inspire and support.