How coconuts’ water came to be.

Years ago, while I was still in my third year back in school, I was privileged to attend a seminar on Coconut. At the end of the seminar, the presenter (a lady) was asked the question; “how can you explain the water found in a coconut?”, she replied with a popular saying “only God can explain the mystery behind it” (not scientific right?, yeah I know). Well everyone present clapped for her (I dont know if we were clapping for the answer or the way she said it with confidence though), but yeah she killed it (the presentation I mean). So after our little display of appreciation, a professor stood up, looked around, and what followed made me understand Benjamin disraeli’s quote about ignorance never settling a question. He said (not his exact words though), “coconut sucks water from the ground through its phloem cells and uses it for photosynthesis (you know means plants sort for their food), now during transpiration water is lost, though some plants lose much water coconut absorbs more and loses little. Now this water is the endosperm of the plant and as the coconut ages, that clear liquid solidifies and turns into the white meat that we’re used to seeing inside the fruit”.