How We Let Student Teachers Down
Greg McVerry

I am currently a preservice teacher, and will be student teacher next spring. I have had the same advisor in education since my freshman year, and whenever I have had questions regarding teaching or lessons, I have gone to her for guidance. I have taught lessons in my field placements over the years, and have stopped to evaluate myself after each, and look back on what I could have done differently, and what I needed to work on to do better. In addition, my host teachers would also evaluate me, and give me tips on what I did well and what I needed to work on. I have found these to be very helpful, and have improved each and every time I teach. I agree that teachers need to learn to evaluate themselves, because in the field, teachers have to evaluate how they are doing, and know what went well and what did not, and then think of a solution to fix the problem. I wonder what universities you are referring to? I have always evaluated my own lessons to look for areas of improvement, and I know that someone from the college observes us throughout the semester when we student teach.

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