Renate Berger
Jan 13, 2017 · 1 min read

I live in a rural area of PA, and an area that strongly supported Trump in the election. We have been suffering for years. All the problems started when ACA was put in place. I could no longer get in to see my doctor, and was forced to go to one of the two main emergency rooms to receive care. Then a telemed urgent care center opened in my town, where you basically Skype a doctor, and they ask you questions and can listen to your heart and lungs through a stethoscope hooked up to the computer, and can look in your ears and nose because the instruments had small cameras that they could also see through the computer. It closed a few months after it opened. I was forced to switch doctors, simply because I could never get in to the see the one I had because they were always booked full. Evident “benefits” of ACA have not really been seen here. Even those who cannot find work have to pay for insurance or be fined for not having it, and its hard to find a doctor or ER that can treat their illness, so their insurance becomes useless anyway. I wish I could say ACA did wonders for my area, but instead I feel like we are suffering more than we did when Obama first took office in 2008.

Renate Berger

Written by

7th Grade Geography Teacher; Supporter of 1:1 schools and the PA Hybrid Initiative

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