No More Getting Lost in Translation, Thanks to the Waverly Ambassador

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3 min readDec 6, 2019

Many people wish to travel the world and broaden their horizons despite being cursed with monolingualism. Luckily for the monolinguists out there, Waverly Labs’ newest innovation is here and ready to save you from getting lost in translation. The Waverly Ambassador Translator is designed to break down language barriers, thereby allowing users to easily converse with people who speak different languages.

The Design

Designed for professionals and teams, the Ambassador is a more advanced version of its predecessor, the Pilot. But what sets the Ambassador apart from the Pilot? The answer is, improvements such as effortless sharing (allowing up to 4 Ambassadors to one smartphone), improved accuracy thanks to larger microphones and new algorithms, and by ditching the in-ear design of the Pilot for a more hygienic over-the-ear design, perfect for sharing with strangers and guests. Not to mention, improved battery life, longer range, fast connectivity, and more languages. Twenty languages and forty-two dialects to be more exact.

How Does It Work?

Ambassador hones in on the translation feature that made the Pilot an innovative hearable translator. There are now three translation modes to choose from instead of the previous two: Listen, Lecture, and Converse. The first mode will automatically listen to the selected language within an 8-feet range, then will automatically translate it to the user’s native language. The new mode, Lecture, broadcasts the words of a speaker to a group by capturing what one person says and streaming it to multiple people via their smartphones. And last but not least, the Converse mode allows two wearers to have a two-way conversation in a more natural way by allowing each user to set the languages they want to be detected and received.

Where Can It Used?

Waverly Labs is currently promoting the Ambassador not only as the ideal companion for travellers and friends with language barriers, but is also now leaning towards the professional world. The Lecture mode opens it up to being used in teaching and conference calls.The company has also hinted on it being used in hospitality, healthcare, law enforcement and emergency services.

The Ambassador is Waverly Labs’ way of leveling up their translation smarts. They are taking customer feedback from the Pilot and using it to continue the advancement of their technology. Even so, we won’t be able to get a more in-depth look on it until its release in March 2020. We’ll just have to stay updated with Waverly Labs to see if they can successfully break down language barriers.



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