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Its really unfortunate that BBWAA continues to allow a narrative to fuel their votes, looking to make a statement rather than awarding the most valuable or the best player. Betts was 1 WAR below a guy who absolutely had to be the man every single day, Betts had more HR, RBI, 2B, was tied in 3B, nearly tied in SB, but the big selling point that writers and pro Trout talking heads pushed was his walks, which were more than double Betts’, well thats going to happen when you’re literally the only guy in a lineup who is dangerous. Trout didn’t work walks, he was pitched around constantly. This whole MVP conversation boiled down to the writers wanting to award a guy who had remarkably similar stats who plays for a terrible team, instead of the doing status quo, and what we are left with is pretty much a makeup MVP award for Trout. I think he is a phenomenal player, and his season was impressive but it absolutely had to be, while Betts was focusing on helping the team, Trout was focusing on winning the game for his team, and that Betts still had better statistics aside from walks says a whole lot. Betts probably would have been pushing the teens in WAR on the Angels.