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the concept of anti-distraction moves, coupled with the arbitrary nature of personnel decisions in preseason have a lot to do with whether players speak out, not even limited to the context of activism but also about the teams themselves, look to the Patriots for an example of this.

Unfortunately for Kap, he is likely done after this, the NFL and the 49ers will find a way to wriggle their way awkwardly towards his release in a few weeks, and will find little if any at all interest in his services, he may land with another team but most of them know what a distraction this could be, and how it affects their broadly conservative, mostly white high spending consumers.

All of this brings to mind Michael Sam who in his own way enacted a form of activism, and very quickly went from a Defensive POY in the SEC to getting drafted 249th, getting very limited chances in St Louis and Dallas and ending up in Canada. The players are indeed disposable

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