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This is really cool, I became aware of him when my “Mom with the AOL Email Address” (seriously, nailed it) brought him up in the context of DWTS, and i ended up watching it for the first time. My high school had one of the best deaf education programs in the country, it contained about 25 students and they had integrated core classes, so there was a lot of interaction including for us boys who played soccer with one of the students, I ended up playing 3 school seasons and 4–5 club ball seasons with Kyle who was one of the funnier, more outgoing, more talented kids I’ve ever met and while his integration into mainstream courses helped him feel normal, I really think the rest of us got so much more out of it, especially in the context of how one plays such a verbal game with someone who cant hear and cant communicate in the traditional way, I truly believe it made us a better team, and better young men. I look back at what he went through, he would get up at 4 am, his father would drive him 90 minutes to our school, and he would spend all day learning, but also teaching, he would be at practice or a game until 5, get home at 7–8, maybe with just enough time to have dinner and do his homework and help his parents take care of his younger brother who had more severe disabilities. I really valued the experience of getting to know him and his friends in the program, and its people like him and Nyle who are truly inspiring in this world.

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