The Fake Outlook of Love

And the sad truth about it.

“Don’t play the game”

“Don’t be played”

“Don’t be that girl who falls for people”

Those are only some things that I’ve heard people say in my life when they give ‘advice’ but at the end we can’t choose who we love. It’s only a matter of whether we feel something or not. In regards to love, the hardest thing is that we have no control over it. We have no control over our emotions and that’s why everything is such a gamble. There’s fear in every step anyone takes towards love, some people would just rather walk away and some would rather take the risk. We’re all control freaks who want to know and understand every piece of information that comes your way. When something big like having feelings or strong emotions towards someone hits you like a brick wall, then you spend all day trying to figure out the mixed signs or the text messages they’ll send you back. As time goes on, you start to realise the smaller details like the fact that they haven’t messaged you back in an hour or that they haven’t opened your snapchat yet.

It’s not the world that’s ruined love or the universe or whatever you’re blaming right now. It’s us. We’ve ruined the concept of love. We have a preconceived notion of what it has to be and if someone can’t reach those standards then it doesn’t mean anything. Out of boredom, we find ourselves sleeping in a stranger’s bed for one night and walking out of it the next morning with clothes that don’t look right with the sunlight. Yes, you have a sense of satisfaction but once you come home to nothing, there’s a wave of loneliness. Human beings are all emotional characters with their own summaries and their life is still in the process of writing. We hurt each other, and try to mend ourselves by slowly ruining our self worth. The truth is you don’t ever really find love, it somehow finds you in the most bizarre way. You can never know when it happens and that’s the most exciting part. It could happen in a week, tomorrow, a year maybe.

If I were to give advice to another person in need of help right now, I would say:

“It’s okay to feel, it’s okay to care, and it’s okay to be outspoken. That doesn’t make you clingy, or crazy. You’re in the process of becoming someone real and confident.”

“It’s okay to be you.”

“Forget the people who leave you.”

“Love yourself first, love others second.”

At the end, we’re all humans looking for something to make us feel whole. We think we can fill up the empty space with meaningless one night stands but that can lead you into a whole other place. Whatever you do has a meaning and once you figure out the meaning, life becomes a little easier but one last piece of advice would be:

“Always keep moving. Time never stops for anyone.”

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