Clicks & Commentary: Week of 3/6/2017

Clicks & Commentary — a weekly post where members of the Fuzz engineering team curate and comment on the interesting, inane, and often infuriating whimsy of the web.

Photo by Scott Webb

Mai’s picks for the week:

  • How I Ruined Office Productivity With a Face-Replacing Slack Bot — An interesting read about how Chris tackled face recognition, image manipulation, and slack integration to automate photoshopping his face onto images
  • Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber —If you haven’t read this yet, you should. Susan Fowler shares her experience of working at Uber. I’m glad she’s out of a toxic work environment and that she didn’t leave the tech industry completely. It should be noted that this experience is not exclusive to only Uber and could happen anywhere.

John’s picks for the week:

  • How to Fail as a Web Developer — Sort of turns into a marketing spiel for GA towards the end but, in lieu of last week’s S3 meltdown, it’s important to remember that bugs are inevitable and that half the programming battle is one’s acknowledgement and response to their embarassing and sometimes catastrophic failures. To requote the article’s quote of Elliot from Mr. Robot: “A bug is never just a mistake. It represents something bigger. An error of thinking. That makes you who you are.”
  • Great Alternatives to Hamburger Menus — I always thought the outrage over hamburger menus was hilarious (despite secretly harboring a similar outrage). For me, though, it was more that hearing the moniker “hamburger menu” seemed always to hurl me McDonalds-ward and perpetuate an obsession with fast-food I’ve since childhood been trying to shake.
  • What’s a JavaScript closure? In plain English, please. — During a developer meeting at a former company, my then boss mentioned that asking a potential dev candidate what a js closure was was “critical” and “perhaps the most important question to ask”. This seemed reasonable until everyone in the room proceeded to define it differently (save for the variations of “it’s that thing I know is happening but can’t quite articulate”).

Events for the week:

John Vaghi is the Director of Web at Fuzz. He has been recaffeinating decaf since 2009.

Mai Nguyen is a software engineer at Fuzz. She enjoys mediocre dad jokes.

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