Clicks & Commentary: Week of 5/1/2017

Clicks & Commentary — a weekly post where members of the Fuzz engineering team curate and comment on the interesting, inane, and often infuriating whimsy of the web.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel (which will make more sense once you read the Kubernetes article)

Walter’s Picks

  • Why functional programming matters — The greatest skill for a modern software developer is the ability to create and manage codebases that can handle change from day one. In the flurry of hype surrounding “functional programing” it can be easy to assume that the trend is moved by popularity alone. But the paradigms behind functionally programing are especially suited to help developers create flexible codebases — starting with the first line of code
  • How I found a $5,000 Google Maps XSS (by fiddling with Protobuf) — A fascinating look at reverse engineering the URL data protocol used by Google Maps. Even tech giants like Google can be humbled by subtle bugs (which in the wrong hands could have caused massive harm).

John’s Picks

  • Building a REST API with Phoenix and Elixir — By no means comprehensive, but a very digestible read that gets you up a running with a basic Phoenix API in no time and provides solid footing for a deeper dive into the esteemed Elixir framework.
  • A Better Way to Code — Mike Bostock (of D3 fame) is working on a reactive coding environment for a realtime rendering of D3 that runs in the browser. This article is more of a manifesto (hence the title) than an announcement, though, as “D3 Express” is not yet available. However, you can sign up for the alpha release when it’s ready at

Kelvin’s Picks


Walter Beller-Morales is a software engineer at Fuzz. He is an Elixir enthusiast.

John Vaghi is the Director of Web at Fuzz. He is enjoying Elixir but perhaps not as much as Walter who is totally ravenous about it.

Kelvin Acosta is an infrastructure engineer at Fuzz. He recently decided that Chef was dead and that Docker is the future.