Overwatch’s Writing Contest: Chapter 1

The morning is quiet and peaceful. I didn’t hear a sound. But I knew this moment wouldn’t last. I sit up with a stretch as I roll my feet off the edge of the bed. Once on the ground I gaze at the dark room. First day in Overwatch and I’m ready to get to it.

I finish my shower and put up my hair. Joy surrounds me, the feeling is like floating on a cloud. It’s time to gather with the other heroes for a short staff meeting. My courage builds before my feet feeling weightless carry me out of the room.

The chatter up ahead is unmistakable, people are here to join the writing event held by Overwatch. I’ve hear about each year and I finally get to join it. I also love writing as a pastime. My skills may not be the best and not know the rules of the event but it’ll be worth it.

Entering the room I see the smiling faces of the Overwatch crew. Not everyone shoots a glance in my direction, but they know I’m in the room. My mother, Orisa stands by the door to the stage next to my father, Reinhardt when they notice me enter the room.

“You made it!” Reinhardt shouts.

“Of course I did papa.”

“We’re glad you’re in the Overwatch team.” Orisa comments.

“So am I, I’m super excited to do this writing contest that you’ve told me about for years.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble but you’ll have to wait back here until after Reinhardt announces you.” a voice says behind me.

I turn to see Commander Jack Morrison behind me strong as always. I’ve looked up to him since I was small, he is a hero of mine.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you commander, but why do I have to stay back?”

“I want you to experience this without being in a rush for the first time.”

With a nod I understand everything he’s said to me. I watch as everyone else in the area start to line up in a neat row. Wow, there’s a lot of heroes in this team. A large hand held out to me from one of the members in the row, he’s a large ape with an assortment of gear on him. My hand shakes as I reach out grabbing his hand with a firm but gentle grip.

“Welcome to Overwatch, I’m Winston.” he says while shaking my hand.

“I’m Brigitte, thank you for the warm welcome.”

“You don’t have to worry, you’re in safe hands here. Hey Jack can she at least sit in the back of the crowd? I know that’ll be a good experience for her. It will give a better look at the participants.”

Jack ponders a moment before nodding at Winston’s suggestion.

“That’s a better idea than I had. Do you know where you need to go Brigitte?”

“I do.”

“Wait a minute, you need to listen to the team meeting first.” Jack says to me.

“Right there’s a meeting.”

Jack clears his throat as he approaches the line of heroes.

“Today is the opening day of the writing contest as you know already. But today will be different than it has in past years. Reinhardt will be introducing our newest member, Brigitte.”

I look at everyone as their heads stare in my direction. The blue skinned lady known as Widowmaker was the only one not looking. She must be a sour blueberry.

“Apart from introducing Brigitte today I want you to be supportive of her and the guests here. Her weapon ceremony will be next Sunday. We’ll appoint her as official at that time.”

A loud rant of shouting comes from the line of people. Widowmaker does nothing but I do notice another person from the members staring at me with a cold gaze. This sent a wave of shivers up my spine seeing also how large this woman compared to the others.

“Let’s move out, it’s time.” Jack shouts.

Everyone stops shouting.

Retaining his spot at the front of the line closest to the door Jack props it open. He leads the line out to the stage beyond the door. This is my time to go sit with the crowd.

I wander down the hall around the corner seeing the large doors propped open for the guests. My heart skips a beat as I make my way to the booth where an omnic stands.

“You need a ticket to enter beyond this point.” the omnic states.

“But I’m a part of Overwatch.”

“Do you have your ID card to prove that?”

“No, I don’t.”

“I cannot let you pass, unless you’re on the reserved list.”

The omnic shuffles through the papers on the booth pulling a light pink slip out and looking at it.

“Name?” he asks.

“It’s Brigitte.”

A moment passes as the omnic sets the sheet down on the booth.

“My apologies, you’re on the list and it’s signed by the commander.”

Extending his arm he aims it toward the door.

“Enjoy your time.”

“Thank you, you’re too kind.”

That’s weird that he wanted tickets to get in as he could see me enter the room. Oh well, at least I’m able to go in. I walked in leaning sitting on the floor beside a young girl with short curly black hair and dark skin. She gazes with a look of confusion, she turns her look to the stage where Commander Jack Morrison now stands.

“Good evening ladies and gentleman. You all know me as Commander Jack and today I bring you the opening ceremony of our annual writing contest. Is everyone excited for today?”

Soon after he stops speaking the crowd cheers. I give a sturdy round of applause to try and blend in for the time being.

“I can’t hear you.” Jack says as he cups his hand around his ear.

The crowd’s volume increases.

Clearing his throat he faces the palm of his hand to the crowd, this silences everyone.

“Thank you all for your support of the Overwatch Writing Contest. Like every year I’ll go over the rules so you know what to do after this meeting is over. This year will be special yet, I will announce why toward the end.”

I noticed a few people around the room talking in hushed whispers. Not knowing what they speak on my focus keeps on Jack as he continues.

“You will all be on your own for this contest. It’s also ranked upon how many words you write in the next thirty days starting today. The smallest goal to put in for the raffle prizes is at thirty-thousand words per person. That won’t be the limit and you can go further than that to higher your chances of winning. Does anyone have questions before I continue?”

A younger boy with reddish brown hair raises his hand from the other end of the room. Jack points at him.

“What will the prizes be?”

“The first place winner will receive a free weekend spent with the hero of their choice. The second place winner will get a mystery price worth a lot of money. and finally our third place winner will given one hundred dollars in cash.”

An older woman sitting in front of me with a floral shirt and grey hair in a bun raises her hand.”Is there an age limit to who can join this contest?”

“There’s no age limit so everyone is welcome to join once they’re registered. Registration will start after this in the cafeteria at the specialized booths set up.”

“Can we help each other write our stories?” blurts a young girl.

“That depends on how you look at it, you cannot write each other’s story. But you can give feedback and advice on what others have written.”

Jack looks around to see if anymore hands shoot into the air. Nothing happens for a solid minute.

“No more questions? Alright without further conversing I would like to bring Reinhardt to the stage.”

Jack steps back as my heart beat starts going faster with every moment. Reinhardt makes his way to the booth on stage gazing in my general direction.

“Thank you all for coming today, I’m here to talk about someone I’ve known since she was a baby, my daughter. She’s been a bundle of joy with the urge to learn what she can when chances provide themselves. I talk about her for a special reason, she’s going to be our newest member of Overwatch.”

The murmurs in the crowd grow louder but not over the top of my father’s booming voice. I can feel my hands trembling at the tension building inside every bone in my body. He’s about to announce me to the world and they’ll know who I am from this day forward.

“Without further comments I introduce you to Brigitte, my lovely daughter,” Reinhardt bellows.

This is it. My time to shine in front of hundreds of people. I take a deep breath before rising to my feet. The girl I sat next to gasps, likely from seeing that a hero was next to her. I can tell this is her first time communicating with any heroic figure. I look at her to see the surprise stroked across her face.

Smiling I offer a hand to her, she looks at it.

“You want me to come up with you?” she questions.

“Yes, I can see you could use this, the excitement I can see.”

Her jaw drops at the offer as she grabs my hand. I assist her to her feet.

The both of us cut through the path made in the crowd. Everyone gawking at the sight of me. This figures since I’m new to here. We make it to the steps of the stairs, the girl stops dead in her tracks.

“You okay?” I ask her.

“I’m stage fright.” she admits.

“Don’t worry on the inside I’m terrified as well.”

Cocking her head she starts walking up the steps, I follow her. I stand next to Reinhardt, his face shows a smile of support. I take another deep breath, the girl at my hip does the same.”Ladies and gentleman, let’s give a round of applause for Brigitte.” Reinhardt announces.The crowd erupts in an explosion of voices, shouts and whistles. I can’t believe how loud it is in this small room to the point it hurts my ears. My ears ring to that as my heart beat heard and felt in my chest.

“Now, I’ve had many experiences with new members, like Moira as our hero before. This is a special moment for our family of Overwatch. I’d like to also point out that she’s quite the support back at home.”

I gaze out at the crowd managing to forge a small smile on my lips. Dang it, my nervousness must be showing. My legs feel as if they’d turned to jelly and cannot support my weight a moment more.

“One more time, another round of applause for Brigitte!”

Once more the crowd shakes the room with the sounds of joy and excitement.

“Let the writing contest begin, may luck be with you,” I say with a nervous and squeaky voice.Pausing the noise everyone doesn’t expect me to say anything. The Overwatch team start filing together back into line. I felt a nudge on my shoulder. Turning to see Reinhardt he gazes at the girl. Realizing I look down at the girl.

“Thank you for joining me today.”

She nods before making her way to the top of the steps. Nodding the girl steps down and back to her spot. I’m not going to forget this moment and she won’t forget as well.

Reinhardt whispers in my ear, “Why don’t you lead the crew out the door today?”I looked at him with a shocked expression, “Are you serious?”

He nods in response.

My goodness, I didn’t expect him to offer that to me. But apart from that I made my way to the front of the line, in front of the large woman with pink hair. Taking a step in front of her I lead the Overwatch team backstage.

Once in the backroom I couldn’t help myself but let out a relived breath of air. The team filed out behind me but quickly spread out into preparing for the contest. Jack approached me with my parents close behind him.

“Well done Brigitte. I know you were nervous you looked like you were about to pass out for a minute. Wasn’t expecting you to close off the meeting as well.”

“You did wonderful hun,” my mother says with a smile.

She may be an omnic but you can tell when she’s happy about something going on around her. I love her no matter what she is. Reinhardt taking his time walks over with the face of Overwatch at his side, why is he bringing Tracer to me?

“Brigitte, I’d like you to meet Lena, you do know her as Tracer but she prefers to Lena backstage,” says Reinhardt.

Waving Lena gives a perky smile.

“I’ll be giving you an official tour of the headquarters today before you prepare for the contest.”

I nod at her before my smile fades partly.

“What’s the matter love? You upset about something?”

I sigh, “It’s that I’m hyped about this contest, now I have to setup other arrangements instead of that.”

“I’d wait anyway, the lines are always backed up for a while until people finish registering.” I notice my parents walking away from us. The only other person in the room is Widowmaker. She watches us like a hawk watches its prey. It’s creepy and weird of her to do that, is there something she wants?

Lena gazes over at Widowmaker, “Do you want to join us?”

The expression on her blue face doesn’t change but she rolls her eyes and walks over anyways.”What a pleasure for you to join us in a tour, this will be fun!” Lena shouts in excitement.”Please it’ll be dull and boring,” scoffs Widowmaker.

“Why are you always sour around new people? Why don’t you lighten up a bit.”

The look on Widowmaker’s face remains strait but her eyes seem to have what looks like a raging fire beyond it. Looks like she already hates me. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll warm up to me with time.

“Watch yourself, you don’t want me to bite,” scoffs Widowmaker.The toxic vibe in her voice is unmistakable, this will take some time for her to adjust. “Well what’re we waiting for? Let’s get this tour rolling,” Tracer butts in.

With a bound Lena skips to the door, I follow in as Widowmaker takes the rear. Well, at least it’s only a tour and not a full blown mission right from the start. I focus on Lena ahead, she has a ton of energy and if she ever slows down to take in the things around her.

“First off we’ll hit the lounge where the members of Overwatch gather to spend time with each other.”

The lounge sounds nice. Will anyone be there? Who knows but I’ll find out when we get there. It didn’t take us long to reach the sleeping area, the only place shown late last night. The familiar smell of the drafty hallway the same as earlier.

Outside that hallway the area opens up to what looks like a small café with tables in place. There’s a counter on the far end with an opening to what looks like a kitchen beyond the large window frame. I like this place, I know my time will.

“Brigitte I would like to welcome you to the Overwatch Lounge, a place we try to keep peaceful. W can escape to when the fans are getting to be too much.” Lena announces.

“Fans? So you mean there’s more than what I saw?”

“Let me show you, luckily they’re not aloud to come up here unless permission given.”

Walking slow Lena cuts around the corner to a large three panes of window, below the window you can see people. Looks to me like hundreds and thousands of bodies in the area. One thing stands out to me the most, the three booths with lines through the whole building. They’re the setup for registering for the writing contest.

“Awe cheer up Brig! You’ll be able to go down there and show them what you have.”

Lost in the moment I shake my head gazing back at Lena.

“Right, I’ll be looking forward to that.”

“Will we go check out the training and infirmary first?” Lena asks.

Widowmaker scoffs, “Training area sounds logical. Her new gear she’ll store in the infirmary, we should skip that one.”

“You have a point, we’ll check out the training grounds and gym instead.”

Bounding forward Lena takes the lead. Widowmaker shoves past me with what feels like intentional action. What’s her problem? I would expect her to be friendly to new members of her team.

Not too long after we arrive at a door with a grey-blue sign above the door on the ceiling with white works labeled “Gym.” This room will be good and I know it will.

“This is the gym, if you need to burn some energy and the weather isn’t being nice.”

I like it, I hope Lena doesn’t mind me exploring the gym a minute longer. My feet dragged me to the back of the room toward the weights. Quite the selection Overwatch has.

“Take your time love, we’re in no rush.”

Nodding I make my way around the equipment and back over to the door where Lena and Widowmaker wait for me. We walk away from the gym toward the back doors of the Overwatch headquarters. Today is a nice day to be outside and from the looks of it that’s where we’re going.

Outside Lena points out to the field.

“You see that fenced area? That’s our training grounds. We won’t be able to visit it now but we’ll do so before the end of the contest at least once.”

“You seem to be eager about the contest, I want to see if you can get back to the booths without directions so you can sign up.”

“Thank you for the tour Lena.”

“Anytime, if you need anything don’t be afraid to shout for someone.”
I nod in response before heading inside. This is it, finally it’s my time to join the writing contest.